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    Smite Blitz Now In Technical Alpha on Android and iOS

    Smite Blitz is a mobile game that’s been in the works for quite a while and recently, we saw hints of it through the Blitz Athena skin that was datamined a few patches ago. Now, the game finally has a trailer and is in technical alpha on both iOS and Android devices. The game plays […] More

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    Patch Preview: Horus & Set, New Skins, and More

    TitanForge has been posting a bunch of teasers ahead of the Sand and Skies patch notes show, which will be taking place on Wednesday at 2PM EST (US Time). You can watch the live show over on Mixer, Twitch, and YouTube. Horus and Set Horus and Set will both be released simultaneously in the next […] More

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    Cute But Deadly Chest Contents

    The following items will be available in the Cute but Deadly Chest, which includes eight items for 400 gems a roll. You can also watch the video showing off the new items in the chest here. This chest will be available on Tuesday, April 16th. SKINS Itsy Bitsy Chibi Arachne – NEW! Blood Axe Chaac […] More

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    Earn Mixer Points To Use on Skins

    The Mixer Store is now live in the game and I know many of you are not sure where or what it is. The Mixer Store is a store similar to the Fantasy Point Store last season, which has three skins you can purchase with Mixer Points. These three skins will rotate every patch (sound […] More

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    Desert Dragon Twitch Prime Bundle Now Available

    The King Arthur Twitch Prime Bundle is no longer available as the Desert Dragon Bundle makes its way into the game. All you have to do is make sure you have Twitch Prime, link your Hi-Rez and Twitch accounts here, and then claim your loot here. The bundle includes the following items: Neith (God) Desert […] More

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    From the Depths Chest

    The following items will be available in the From the Depths Chest, which includes six items for 400 gems a roll. You can also watch the video showing off the new items in the chest here. SKINS Depths of Atlantis Nox – NEW! Riptide Poseidon Kaijunbo Kuzenbo Sand Viper Ao Kuang Volcanic Agni ¬† BUNDLES […] More

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    Darkness Falls – SPOILS

    The Darkness Falls update notes can be found here if you haven’t read them yet. Below are the upcoming skins that were datamined from today’s PTS. CUTE BUT DEADLY CHEST The following skins will be available in the Cute but Deadly Chest, which has eight items and is priced at 400 gems per roll. COUNCIL […] More

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    The follow chests will be available in the next 6.2 patch update! Both will cost 400 Gems, with the Birds of Prey Chest having 10 items while the Spring Holiday Chest has a total of 19 items in it. The Spring Holiday Chest will be available March 12th! More

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    Bakasura’s Egg Hunter Winners!

    First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for participating. There were almost one thousand entries, so it took hours to match your choices with mine! Remember, I’ll be e-mailing the winners, so I hope they are correct. CONSOLE WINNERS Antonio Martinez Liam O’Donnell SauceConnoisseur PC WINNERS Bryan Sanchez Stanley Cao Nathan Fox More

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