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    Halloween Chest Available on Friday the 13th

    The Halloween Chest is available today only to celebrate Friday the 13th! The chest is 400 Gems for each roll. Contents: Jack-O-Lantern Avatar Jack the Reaper Thanatos Frankenhotep Chaac The Re-Animated Osiris Grim Mariachi Loki Slaughterhouse Chaac Cemetery Awaits Avatar Brain in a Jar Ward More

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    Cinco de Mayo Celebration

    Celebrate Cinco de Mayo this weekend! Starting Thursday, May 5th, the International and Curiosity Chests will be 50% off. This sale will begin Thursday, May 5th at 5 am EDT and end on Monday, May 9th at 5 am EDT and be available for PC, Xbox One and PS4! More

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    All Gods Unlocked On Xbox One, Independence Chest Available

    Due to on-going Xbox Live issues as of recent, all Gods have been unlocked on SMITE for Xbox One throughout today. Additionally, the Independence Chest is available for both Xbox One and PC for 400 Gems each roll. As a thank you for your patience, all Gods are free to play today for Xbox players. […] More

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    Holiday Chest Sale This Weekend

    Starting Thursday, December 24th through Saturday, December 26th, the following chests will be 25% off! This sale will be available for both PC and Xbox One. CHEST SALE Item Original Price Sale Price Christmas Chest 400 Gems 300 Gems New Years Chest 400 Gems 300 Gems Odyssey Chest 200 Gems 150 Gems       […] More

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    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

    Why go out in the freezing cold and wait in line for a $100 TV when you can stay in and grab some Gems (or the God Pack) at 33% off? And then on Monday, roll those legacy chests for some exclusive skins at 50% off. That’s 200 Gems for each roll! This event will […] More

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    All eSports Chests Now Available

    Starting today, Tuesday, November 17th to Sunday, November 22nd, all eSports Chests are available for 300 Gems each! Pick up these exclusive skins to support your favorite teams at the Super Regionals. Every eSports Chest will be available on both PC and Xbox One! Catch the Super Regionals live here: Twitch Information on the Super […] More

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    Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival This Weekend

    Event From Friday, September 25th through Sunday, September 27th, all Chinese Gods are free to play! Additionally, skins for these Gods (Chinese only) will be 25% off and logging in this weekend will earn you the Chinese Pantheon icon, a gift from Chang’e and Hou Yi.   Availability Note: This event will be available for […] More