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Ruler of the Heavens Spoils

I’ll be adding more stuff as I find it. This is just basic cosmetic spoils. The following avatars were chosen as part of the Cutesy Avatar submission program. The following are avatar for Golden/Legendary/Supreme Olorun and the Yoruba Pantheon ward and symbol. The Vigilante chest, Streetstyle Bundle, Graffiti Jump Stamp, and Smooth Beats Music Theme. […] More

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Ruler of the Heavens Patch Preview

Just as I do every patch, I’ll be posting all the skin/god teasers before the patch notes show takes place next week on June 12 at 3 PM ET over at Twitch and Mixer. I’ll keep adding more images when more teasers are posted. More

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Elu’s Q&A

After Cupid, who is your favorite god? That one is a tough one, because I’m a bit obsessed with Zhong Kui and Vamana. Does a tie count? How do you feel about being able to buy skins like the Kuku skin after the event is over (Unlimited skins)? I feel like it makes it more […] More

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