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Jade Corruption: Chapter One

The attack had come in the small hours before dawn. It had happened so swiftly, so savagely, that the villagers could do nothing save seek shelter in the old temple. It was small and humble. But solid. Built of stone, rather than wood. It was the sturdiest building in the village. But that wasn’t saying […] More

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Season 7 Patch Preview: Odin & Bastet Reworks, Joust Map

ODIN Odin will be receiving changes to his 3 and ultimate only. His 3 is getting a complete rework, where Odin will be able to toss his spear and shuffle through three runes for different added effects. Odin can choose between an attack speed buff rune, damage/slow rune and a stun rune. His ultimate, on […] More

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Underworld Odyssey: Chapter Four

Trees sang a song of welcome as Persephone passed beneath their gnarled boughs. The forests of Vanaheimr knew her of old, for she had wandered among them in more innocent times. She let her fingers caress their knotted trunks as she passed among them, and their song grew fierce as they sensed her reason for […] More

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