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    Ruler of the Heavens Spoils

    I’ll be adding more stuff as I find it. This is just basic cosmetic spoils. The following avatars were chosen as part of the Cutesy Avatar submission program. The following are avatar for Golden/Legendary/Supreme Olorun and the Yoruba Pantheon ward and symbol. The Vigilante chest, Streetstyle Bundle, Graffiti Jump Stamp, and Smooth Beats Music Theme. […] More

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    Goddess of Magic – Contest Winners

    You voted and the top 2 contest winners are.. Drum roll! 2. 1. Below are the results for the next three entries voted on to round up the top 5. 3. 4. 5. Thank you to everyone for participating! The top 2 will be receiving their prices this weekend. I’ll be contacting you, so keep […] More

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    Goddess of Magic Art Contest

    We can all agree that there are a few of the old gods that need a remodel or re-texture to keep up with the constant evolution of the game. One in particular being Isis, the Goddess of Magic. Her model, especially next to the likes of Horus, Set and Pele, seems like a clay doll […] More

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    Bakasura’s Egg Hunter Winners!

    First of all, I’d like to thank everyone for participating. There were almost one thousand entries, so it took hours to match your choices with mine! Remember, I’ll be e-mailing the winners, so I hope they are correct. CONSOLE WINNERS Antonio Martinez Liam O’Donnell SauceConnoisseur PC WINNERS Bryan Sanchez Stanley Cao Nathan Fox More

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    Bakasura’s Egg Hunt

    *NOTE: After submitting, you’ll be taken to a blank page or receive an error. That’s perfectly fine. Your entry still went through. Last year’s Easter Egg Hunt is back! This time, however, it’s a bit trickier. Bakasura has lost his Easter basket filled with Easter eggs. Help him find the exact eggs that were in […] More

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    Draw This! Contest Winners

    In the slideshow you can view the winners of the Draw This! contest! I decided to pick more than 3 winners, so I split some prizes. There were so many submissions and I’m so grateful to everyone who participated. I do apologize for not having enough codes for everyone because all of the concepts are […] More

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    Mid or Mid Giveaway

    I’m giving away codes for Laughing Skull Bakasura, Hou Ru Kai Hou Yi, and Scarlet Sorceress The Morrigan for PC! I also have three codes for Laughing Skull Bakasura on console! All you have to do is retweet me below if you have a Twitter account and let me know which platform you prefer! I’ll […] More

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    Wow Master Ball Giveaway

    WINNERS Console Ren Hansen – Firelord Ne Zha Ben Cooke – Firelord Ne Zha Marian Aguirre – Monster Trainer Erlang Shen PC Szymon Gocek – Firelord Ne Zha Your Majesty, Regina – Firelord Ne Zha Bruno Lopes – Monster Trainer Erlang Shen Giveaways are back! SMITE HQ has partnered with HiRez again to give you […] More