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    PTS 4.1 Hotfix – Round 2 Patch Notes

    Start Timer Game now starts at -1:00 instead of -1:30. Minions still spawn at 0:00s. Jungle Camps still spawn at 0:30s. Jungle Camps Throughout the first seasons of Smite there was an unintended effect where jungle camps would scale their health over time differently depending on if they were dead or not. This has been […] More

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    PTS 4.1 Hotfix – Round 1 Patch Notes

    Fixed an issue where some Abilities were able to stun through CC immunity. Fixed an issue where all Physical Lifesteal items were providing tons of Healing on Physical Abilities. Fixed an issue that caused the Portal Minion to not spawn a portal after the first kill. Reverted the Demonic Pact Anubis Size change. We are […] More