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    New King Arthur & Jormungandr Skins, Red Bull Records Collaboration and RWBY Assets

    Below you can see all the assets and spoilers from the new RWBY patch that’s currently on the PTS. This patch will go live on November 12th and bring the RWBY Battle Pass, Isis visual update, Chapter 3 Odyssey skins, and more. RWBY Battle Pass Avatars Yang, Blake, Weiss and Ruby Rose. More Rewards RWBY […] More

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    Underworld Odyssey: Chapter One

    The word went out across the realms. To every fane and temple, to every heaven and hell. To every underworld. From the nine regions of Mictlan to the deep islands of Annwn. From the frozen shores of Niflheim to the depths of Tartarus. The word flew to every ear keen enough to perceive it – […] More

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    Odyssey Underworld Spoils

    There are not whole lot of spoils, mostly cosmetics that will be available during the Pirate Queens and Odyssey events. The Odyssey Underworld patch should go live on September 17, so you still have a while to grind the Sweet Victory battle pass if you haven’t yet.   You ask and TitanForge giveth. On the […] More

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    Frostfire Patch Notes

    Version: 4.24 Release Date: December 19, 2017     *Click on each image for the full resolution!   Frostfire Ullr – 98,000 Odyssey Pts Art by: Jon Neimeister @Andantonius Crystal Gaze Medusa – 400 Gems (Odyssey) Voice Pack Available! Krampus Cernunnos – 400 Gems (Odyssey) Voice Pack Available! Fallen Angel Nike – 400 Gems (Odyssey) […] More

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    The Odyssey Comes to a Close Soon

    The Odyssey is coming to a close next Tuesday. At 4:01 am (EST) on January 12th, exclusive and limited Odyssey items will be no more. The Xbox One Odyssey will end shortly after with an Xbox patch. Limited items like Dragon King Ao Kuang and Ragnarok Force X Thor will never be available again, although […] More

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    The Odyssey Is Complete

    This year’s Odyssey is now complete with the release of both the Japanese Bundle (Lucky Cat Ward & Japanese Loading Frame) and Steel Scarab Khepri. With that, the final reward as well. Ragnarok Force X Thor is rewarded after purchasing all 14 Odyssey items. Steel Scarab Khepri – 600 Gems Japanese Bundle – 300 Gems […] More

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    Issues With This Week’s Odyssey

    The reward for buying 12 Odyssey items was a SMITE comic. And although the idea was unique and intriguing, the execution wasn’t. Problems arose as people had to sign up to an external site to read the comic which allowed for those who didn’t buy Odyssey items to read it for free. As of currently, […] More

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    Ba5s Drop Janus Now Available

    Ba5s Drop Janus is now available for 600 Gems. Or if you go with the bundle, you’ll receive the Dubstep Avatar for an additional 100 Gems. That means, for 700 Gems, you’ll be receiving the Ba5s Drop skin + Beat-Box pedestal (if this is your 9th Odyssey Item) + Dubstep Avatar! CLICK HERE FOR THE […] More

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    Inuki/Khepri Announcer Pack Bundle & Dragon Knight Ao Kuang Released

    Because stuff happens: We launched a mailer about Dragon Knight earlier than we should have. Our loss=your gain. Just made him available! — Stewart Chisam (@schisam) October 29, 2015 The Inuki/Khepri Announcer Packs and Dragon Knight Ao Kuang skin have been released early! Grab the Inuki/Khepri Announcer Pack Bundle for 200 Gems. Acquire the […] More

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    Double/Triple Worshipers and XP With Friends This Weekend

    UPDATE: The event has been extended through Monday, October 5th due to network issues for Xbox One and PC!   There’s a whole lot of boosts coming our way this weekend. Party up with a friend and earn double worshipers and EXP. Party up with TWO or more friends (that makes a party of 3 […] More

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    Odyssey Throwback Bundle

    This is your chance to buy past Odyssey skins! Starting September 22nd (patch day), grab the Odyssey Throwback Bundle, which includes Lord Slashington III Fenrir, Super Chronos 64, and Demon Catcher Zhong Kui for 1200 Gems. That’s 25% off!   Super Chronos 64   Demon Catcher Zhong Kui   Lord Slashington III Fenrir     […] More