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    2016 Season Ticket Rewards

    UPDATED: 09/02/16 We now have a sneak peek at the rewards for the 2016 Season Ticket. Keep in mind that some items might be missing, with more rewards to be added at a later date, specifically early next month (March). How can I get my hands on these delicious rewards? The Fantasy Points system will […] More

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    Season 2 Ullr Skin Preview

    As Season 2 ends this upcoming February 2, 2016 for PC and February 23 for Xbox One, Hi-Rez has released a sneak peek at the rewards. The following items will be rewarded to League: Joust and League: Conquest players on Xbox One and PC. Platinum V and higher will receive a special Loading Card Frame. […] More

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    SMITE Season 2 Rules & Rewards

    Earn special rewards and achievements at the end of the season by climbing up the divisions ladder. Last year saw player icons, a special loading frame and Rage Bakasura as rewards. This season sees similar rewards with new designs. For each League game played, Tribute is earned, up to a 100, which will put you […] More