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    The Odyssey Is Complete

    This year’s Odyssey is now complete with the release of both the Japanese Bundle (Lucky Cat Ward & Japanese Loading Frame) and Steel Scarab Khepri. With that, the final reward as well. Ragnarok Force X Thor is rewarded after purchasing all 14 Odyssey items. Steel Scarab Khepri – 600 Gems Japanese Bundle – 300 Gems […] More

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    Inuki/Khepri Announcer Pack Bundle & Dragon Knight Ao Kuang Released

    Because stuff happens: We launched a mailer about Dragon Knight earlier than we should have. Our loss=your gain. Just made him available! — Stewart Chisam (@schisam) October 29, 2015 The Inuki/Khepri Announcer Packs and Dragon Knight Ao Kuang skin have been released early! Grab the Inuki/Khepri Announcer Pack Bundle for 200 Gems. Acquire the […] More

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    The Rising Dawn/Trickster’s Illusion Xbox One Patch Notes

      NEW FEATURES Season Ticket Players are able to acquire the season ticket with gems and earn fantasy points in one of three ways: Buying FP with gems. Picking winners of matches. Winning SMITE qualifying games you have the Season Ticket Loading frame equipped. Players can use fantasy points to acquire skins, wards, etc. VGS […] More