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    Ba5s Drop Janus Now Available

    Ba5s Drop Janus is now available for 600 Gems. Or if you go with the bundle, you’ll receive the Dubstep Avatar for an additional 100 Gems. That means, for 700 Gems, you’ll be receiving the Ba5s Drop skin + Beat-Box pedestal (if this is your 9th Odyssey Item) + Dubstep Avatar! CLICK HERE FOR THE […] More

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    Black Friday & Cyber Monday Sales

    Why go out in the freezing cold and wait in line for a $100 TV when you can stay in and grab some Gems (or the God Pack) at 33% off? And then on Monday, roll those legacy chests for some exclusive skins at 50% off. That’s 200 Gems for each roll! This event will […] More

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    Free God Rotation – 11/24/15

    Every week sees a rotation of five Gods that players can play for free. Here are this week’s.   Bellona, Goddess of War (Roman) The forgotten are not gone. Gods clash in titanic conflict. It is in war she thrives. No one will forget Bellona the Goddess of War this time. Arachne, the Weaver (Greek) […] More

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    Skin Sale – 11/23/15

    Grab these skins at 25% off from November 23rd through the 26th on Xbox One and PC.   Cyberpunk Ne Zha – 300 Gems   Volcanic Agni – 300 Gems   Killer Bee Ah Muzen Cab – 187 Gems   Source(s): FG3000, Official Post More

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    All eSports Chests Now Available

    Starting today, Tuesday, November 17th to Sunday, November 22nd, all eSports Chests are available for 300 Gems each! Pick up these exclusive skins to support your favorite teams at the Super Regionals. Every eSports Chest will be available on both PC and Xbox One! Catch the Super Regionals live here: Twitch Information on the Super […] More

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    Hi-Rez Offers Liberté Athena/France Avatar for 1 Gem/1 Favor To Show Support for Paris Tragedy

    In the face of the horrific tragedy in Paris, Hi-Rez is showing its support by offering Liberté Athena and the French flag avatar at 1 Gem/1 Favor each. Show your support too by wearing the French flag avatar today! This offer is available on both Xbox One and PC.   More

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    Double Everything With Curse and Xbox Live This Weekend

    Enjoy 2x XP, worshipers and favor this weekend with a friend or more! Join up in a party of two or more on Xbox One or open up Curse while playing on PC to reap these benefits! This even starts on Friday, November 13th (Hi-Rez sharing the luck) and lasts through Sunday, November 15th. You […] More

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    Datamine: New Chronos, Khepri, & Thor Skins, …MORE

    The all-new PTS patch brings us a look at upcoming skins for Chronos, Khepri and the final Odyssey Tier 5 reward skin, Ragnarok Force X Thor.   SKINS Ragnarok Force X Thor (Default and Mech)   Father Time Chronos   Robot Khepri   Chiron   WARDS Lucky Cat Ward   CHESTS   Child’s Play Chest […] More

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    The Astral Hunt Patch Notes

    STATUS: This patch will go live on PC on November 17, 2015.   Chiron, the Great Teacher   Sources: Official Patch Notes     LORE Chiron is a being of conflicted duality. Two opposites in one form. For all appearances, he is a centaur, bearing the torso of a man and the body of a […] More

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    Hindu Skin & Voice Pack Sale

    Celebrate the Festival of the Lights with a huge Hindu sale, including skins and voice packs 50% off! This event will be available today on both Xbox One and PC.   Skin Original Price Sale Price Incinerator Agni 100 Gems 50 Gems Butcher Bakasura 100 Gems 50 Gems Demon Slayer Kali 100 Gems 50 Gems […] More

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    Skin Sale – 11/09/15

    Grab these skins at 25% off from November 9th through the 12th on Xbox One and PC.   Wrath of Olympus Zeus – 187 Gems   Classic Hades – 300 Gems   Blood Eagle Thor – 300 Gems   Source(s): FG3000, Official Post More

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    Free God Rotation – 11/10/15

    Every week sees a rotation of five Gods that players can play for free. Here are this week’s.   Hou Yi, Defender of Earth (Chinese) Armed with the power of the red ravens he smote, sending light and fire against those that threaten the world, be it monster or beast, dragon or sun, man or […] More

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