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    Free Instakill Neith Skin

    Get the FREE Instakill Neith skin (and God) by following SMITE on Instagram! Just click on the promotional link and follow the SMITE Instagram, click Verify, Authorize on the pop-up window and finally, click on the platform of your choice (PC or Xbox One). You’ll receive your code which can be redeemed in the Store, […] More

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    SMITE Ravana & Nox Xbox One Patch Notes

      NEW FEATURES Leagues Conquest and Joust leagues are now open for players at player level 30 who have mastered at least 16 gods. Acquire badges as you climb through the ranks. View your friend’s progress via the league leaderboards. New User Updates: Up until level 5 Players will be defaulted to the Co-Op tab […] More

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    SMITE Season 2 Rules & Rewards

    Earn special rewards and achievements at the end of the season by climbing up the divisions ladder. Last year saw player icons, a special loading frame and Rage Bakasura as rewards. This season sees similar rewards with new designs. For each League game played, Tribute is earned, up to a 100, which will put you […] More

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    SMITE Mid-Patch Notes – 07/28/15

    Updated to the Launcher Please note: for users that are on the OLD launcher due to the new launcher not working, they will not receive this update. The ‘self-update’ process has been improved to aid in the prevention of ‘stuck updates’. New players to SMITE will now not have to login twice on their first […] More

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    Free Retro Hercules and Kevin Sorbo Voice Pack in August

    Kevin Sorbo (oh you know, only the actor from the freaking Hercules TV series) voices Retro Hercules (Old Beta model), a new skin coming to you next month, as SMITE celebrates 10 million players across Xbox and PC. Here’s the good part: attaining them is as easy as smashing your face on your keyboard. All […] More

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