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    All Gods Unlocked On Xbox One, Independence Chest Available

    Due to on-going Xbox Live issues as of recent, all Gods have been unlocked on SMITE for Xbox One throughout today. Additionally, the Independence Chest is available for both Xbox One and PC for 400 Gems each roll. As a thank you for your patience, all Gods are free to play today for Xbox players. […] More

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    Leona JPF Nemesis Giveaway

    I have an extra code for the Leona JPF Nemesis skin for Xbox One or PC that I will give away to one lucky person. There are various ways to enter below through Gleam. A winner will be selected on Sunday. But that’s not all! A second winner will be picked and given 400 Gems. […] More

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    The Odyssey Comes to a Close Soon

    The Odyssey is coming to a close next Tuesday. At 4:01 am (EST) on January 12th, exclusive and limited Odyssey items will be no more. The Xbox One Odyssey will end shortly after with an Xbox patch. Limited items like Dragon King Ao Kuang and Ragnarok Force X Thor will never be available again, although […] More

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    Double & Triple EXP and Worshipers This Weekend

    This Friday, December 11th through Sunday, December 13th, earn double Experience and Worshipers! Or earn triple Experience and Worshipers by playing in a party of two or more! Don’t have friends? Don’t worry, you’ll still reap in double the rewards. This event will be available for both Xbox One and PC.   Source(s): Official Announcement More

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    Season 2 Ullr Skin Preview

    As Season 2 ends this upcoming February 2, 2016 for PC and February 23 for Xbox One, Hi-Rez has released a sneak peek at the rewards. The following items will be rewarded to League: Joust and League: Conquest players on Xbox One and PC. Platinum V and higher will receive a special Loading Card Frame. […] More

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    All eSports Chests Now Available

    Starting today, Tuesday, November 17th to Sunday, November 22nd, all eSports Chests are available for 300 Gems each! Pick up these exclusive skins to support your favorite teams at the Super Regionals. Every eSports Chest will be available on both PC and Xbox One! Catch the Super Regionals live here: Twitch Information on the Super […] More

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    Double Everything With Curse and Xbox Live This Weekend

    Enjoy 2x XP, worshipers and favor this weekend with a friend or more! Join up in a party of two or more on Xbox One or open up Curse while playing on PC to reap these benefits! This even starts on Friday, November 13th (Hi-Rez sharing the luck) and lasts through Sunday, November 15th. You […] More

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    Call of Battle Weekend

    Starting this Friday, November 6th, celebrate The Call of Battle. The Special Ops Bundle (at 900 Gems) and Exclusive Soldier of Fortune Ares skin (at 600 Gems) will be available. Lastly, the following skins will be 50% off. This event will last through Sunday, November 8th and will be available on both PC and Xbox […] More

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    The Reaping: Part 1 Commences This Weekend

    Prepare for The Reaping this weekend! From Friday, October 23rd through Sunday, October 25th, all Gods will be playable. Completing five First Wins of the Day will grant you 100 Gems each day, for a total of 300 Gems this weekend! But that’s not all! Every skin listen below will be 50% off! All treats, […] More

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    Double/Triple Worshipers and XP With Friends This Weekend

    UPDATE: The event has been extended through Monday, October 5th due to network issues for Xbox One and PC!   There’s a whole lot of boosts coming our way this weekend. Party up with a friend and earn double worshipers and EXP. Party up with TWO or more friends (that makes a party of 3 […] More

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    The Celestial Spirit Xbox One Patch Notes

    STATUS: This Xbox One Patch will go live on September 30th!   XING TIAN, THE RELENTLESS   Hear the legends of the headless warrior from the East. Long ago, three Emperors warred for supremacy of a young nation. Barely clinging to dominance, the Flame Emperor deployed his greatest general, the warrior-poet Xing Tian. Xing Tian […] More

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