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  • luvluv yepyep yuckyuck coolcool

    New Moon: Chapter Two

    In the darkness, Tsukuyomi laughed. There was precious little mirth in the sound. He had been born in sadness – in the tears from his father’s eye. And in sadness, he lived his life. The sadness of a diamond, nestled in dirt, his brilliance forever hidden by the shortcomings of others. Such was the torment […] More

  • luvluv

    New Moon: Chapter One

    The air stank of smoke and death. The Parthenon burned, and Athens burned with it. The city was aflame with madness. Baying crowds filled the streets, driven into a frenzy of despair by the coming of a new god – and the absence of the old. The skies wept oily rain, and the fires blazed […] More

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    Grim Omens: Chapter Three

    Ratatoskr scampered down into the dark beneath the world, trying to ignore the biting cold. His paws ached and his fur was damp from the chill mists that swirled through the forests of Yggdrasil’s tangled, frost-blackened roots. It was a route he had travelled many times before, but it felt different now, as if the […] More

  • luvluv yepyep yuckyuck coolcool

    Grim Omens: Chapter Two

    The old, dark forest shook as the great chicken-legged house burst through the trees, moving with hideous speed. Inside, crockery rattled thunderously and the shutters banged. The house’s mistress, used to the cacophony, paid no attention. Instead, she leaned across the kitchen and peered into the smoky depths of her mortar, murmuring to herself. Her […] More

  • luvluv yepyep coolcool

    Grim Omens: Chapter One

    Exhausted, Hua Mulan watched the sun rise. She sat on a fallen timber from the village palisade, her spear thrust into the ground beside her, and her sword across her lap. She had kept watch through the night, but the enemy had not returned. In the aftermath of the conflagration that had nearly claimed the […] More

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    luvluv yepyep dislikedislike yuckyuck coolcool

    Re-Size Me Contest Winners

    The entries in this giveaway are all top-notch. I had a difficult time choosing winners because of just how amazing these pieces are. However, I had to narrow it down to three. I originally had two winners planned, but I added a third place that will get 800 gems as a prize. The placements start […] More

  • luvluv yepyep dislikedislike yuckyuck coolcool

    Jade Corruption: Chapter Two

    With a shout, the rider urged her steed over the remnants of the broken gate. As the horse’s hooves slammed down onto the hard-packed earth on the other side of the wall, Hua Mulan leaned forward, sending her spear into the clay skull of the first of the creatures. She jerked the weapon loose as […] More

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