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    Soaring Isles Ch. 1 – Queen of Heaven

    Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, settled back on this throne and resisted the urge to sigh. His vizier continued to drone about whatever dull matter of state had preoccupied him this day. It was always something new. Rarely, however, was it something exciting. Once, being king had meant slaying monsters and battling wild men. But then […] More

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    Nickelodeon – Courage & Honor

    “I am Ullr, and the bear is mine.” Ullr pointed one of his axes at Lancelot. “Now stand aside, mortal – or become my prey as well.” Lancelot considered this. His first impulse was to draw his sword and make a threat of his own. Instead, he simply leaned his lance across his shoulders and […] More

  • Heavenly Light Ch. 3 – Celestial Sovereign

    Xing Tian charged, axe raised, his torso-face twisted into a roar of fury – and not a little triumph. Yu Huang, the Jade Emperor, met him with a frown. “I say again, there is no need for this, revered warrior. Whatever our differences, let us settle them with words – not steel.” But Xing Tian […] More

  • Heavenly Light Ch. 2 – The Relentless One

    Mulan used the tip of her spear to brush aside a branch. Around her, a forest of dead trees rose from the tussocky earth. A miasmatic fog issued from the hundreds of holes that dotted the ground at odd intervals. Ancient burial markers rose from the ravaged ground like broken teeth and she could not […] More

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    Heavenly Light Ch. 1 – Hungry Ghosts

    A shriek rose like an arrow, splitting the silence of the forest. A putrid stench wafted along the night wind, causing green shoots to turn brown, and branches to sag. A lone deer fled, bounding quickly through the trees. Behind it, came the peddler. The merchant ran, his rickety cart clattering on the dirt path […] More

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    Dharmic Era Ch. 2 – Dance of Creation

    The Destroyer danced, and existence unraveled, one atom at a time. Time stilled. The stars flickered and were snuffed. Far worlds crumbled into cosmic debris, to be swept away by the black seas of eternity as they converged on the universe’s center, incomprehensible and inescapable. At the heart of existence, the world sang out its […] More

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    Dharmic Era Ch. 1 – Dance of Destruction

    The stars were falling. Or maybe it was the whole of the sky, sliding into the sea. Gilgamesh couldn’t be sure. Either way, it wasn’t a good sign. He turned away from the opening in the roof of Tiamat’s temple-palace and looked at Neith. “Something has changed,” he said. “No. This has been coming for […] More

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