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PTS Update – March 13, 2024

Projected release date: March 19, 2024

Smite 2 Founder’s Edition

The Smite Founder’s Edition will be available soon on Steam, Epic Games, and the Xbox/PS stores for players who want to have early access to the Smite 2 Closed Alpha weekends. Smite 2 will be available for Founder’s Edition owners on certain weekends to test out the game as it’s being worked on. All three Founder’s Edition will give you access to Smite 2 and include various goodies including the god pack.

Founder’s Edition – $29.99

  • Smite 2 Full Access
  • Smite 2 God Pack
  • Founder’s Avatar/Badge and Title
  • Cacodemon Ymir Skin (Smite 2)
  • 2x Legacy Gems

Deluxe Founder’s Edition – $59.99

  • All Founder’s Edition Perks
  • Cross-Gen Nightstalker Neith
  • Skin Ascension Passes for the first 11 Alpha gods.

Ultimate Founder’s Edition – $99.99

  • All Deluxe Founder’s Edition Perks
  • Ascension Passes for the first 23 Alpha gods.
  • Tier 5 Cross-Gen The Fallen Zeus Skin.
  • Ultimate Edition Avatar/Badge and title.

Available in the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions.

Voiced by: Jenna Sharpe

Available in the Ultimate Edition.

Voiced by: Kerem Erdinc

Netherbeast Event

The Netherbeast event is a pretty simple one. It is a chest comprised of 25 items priced at 400 gems each roll. It contains TWO new skins (Shadow Sentry Cerberus and Headhunter Cernunnos), two bundles and the rest are previously released skins. Unlocking THREE of the FOUR NEW Netherbeast items in the chest rewards you with the Death’s Rain Chaac skin. There’s also a BUY ALL option for the event that costs a certain amount of gems depending on how many items you already own from the chest.

Shadow Sentry Cerberus – 400 gem chest roll

Voiced by: Oliver Smith

Headhunter Cernunnos – 400 gem chest roll

Voiced by: Erik Braa

The Death’s Rain Chaac skin can be obtained after purchasing three of the four Netherbeast event items. This only applies if the items you roll in the chest are newly released (cosmetic bundles or the Cernunnos/Cerberus skins).

Death’s Rain Chaac – Unlock 3 Netherbeast Event Items

Voiced by: Alastair Murden

Necrotic Nether Bundle – Level-Up Skin + Death Mark

Shadow Nether Bundle – Recall Skin + Global Emote

Immortal Honor Event

Cosmic Executioner Thanatos – Immortal Honor Event – 800 Gems – CrossGen Skin

Voiced by: Jonathan Cox

Bionic Overlord Odin – Immortal Honor Event – 800 Gems – CrossGen Skin

Voiced by: Oliver Smith

Oni Slayer Battle Pass

  • Cross-Gen Pass: Oni Slayer (600 Gems)
  • Cross-Gen Pass: Oni Slayer Plus (1200 Gems)
  • Paid Track Items:
    • Wandering Blade King Arthur
    • Dark Supreme Nu Wa
    • Dark Supreme Avatar
    • Cutesy Dark Minion Avatar
    • Curse of Darkness Global Emote
    • Spirit Title
    • Dark Supreme Announcer Pack
    • Wandering Blade Jump Stamp
    • Oni Slayer Level Up Skin
  • Free Track Items
    • Wandering Blade Avatar
    • K.O. Death Stamp
    • Dark Crystals Recall Skin

Wandering Blade King Arthur – Oni Slayer Battle Pass – Level 1 Reward – CrossGen Skin

Dark Supreme Nu Wa – Oni Slayer Battle Pass – Level 50 Reward – CrossGen Skin

Voiced by: Chantelle Barry

Slash Loki – Deathsquad Chest

This skin will be available in the Deathsquad chest. It contains 28 items and is priced at 400 gems per roll. A new cosmetic bundle is in the chest that includes a Slasher Loki avatar and loading screen.

Voiced by: Jack Ayers

Community Celebration Event

The Community Celebration Event is back! Make sure to log in and play 1 match every day for the next two weeks to claim a reward! Claim 6 days of the Community Celebration event and unlock the Embalmed Anubis Skin!

  • Event Items
    • Bellona B-Day Avatar
    • Thor B-Day Jump Stamp
    • SMITE B-Day Loading Frame
  • With a brand new Embalmed Anubis Skin for FREE!

Smite 2 Renders

Below are the renders of the Smite and Smite 2 Cross-gen skins. This is how they’ll look in Smite 2.


  • Domination is making a return to SMITE!
  • Domination has received a scoring rework and numerous changes to make the mode better than ever!

We wanted to make the scoring and capturing processes more intuitive, so our first step was to adjust these systems to reward capturing points versus pushing minions.

  • Scoring Revamp
    • Old
      • Tickets were subtracted from the enemy team when minions made it to their goals on the other side of the map
      • This method of scoring was unintuitive for many players and did not justly reward teams that held many capture points
    • New
      • Each capture point held subtracts 1 ticket from the enemy team every 3 seconds
      • Holding all 3 capture points now gives Total Domination to the team holding them, and subtracts 4 points each scoring interval from the enemy team
      • Kills subtract 2 tickets from the enemy team
        • Shutdowns subtract 5 instead
      • Minions now give 3 Global Gold and 1 XP per minion for entering their goals
  • Capture Point Revamp
    • Capture points are neutralized once a Sand Guardian is defeated, so players need to stick around to capture it after you clear a Sand Guardian
    • Standing on the capture point will follow the same rules as the Stygian Beacon capture point, i.e. the number of players standing on the point affects the rate it is captured
    • Once the capture point is taken, a Sand Guardian allied to the captors spawns
  • Speed Orbs
    • We wanted players to be able to get to the action more quickly, so we added new pickups across the map: Speed Orbs
    • These pickups give additional Movement Speed for 5 seconds
  • Collision Pass
    • All of the collision on the map has received a tune up and should much more closely align to the visuals
  • Balance Changes
    • Gold Spooling has is now 7 per second
    • Sand Guardians received a balance pass to make them more durable as the match wears on, scaling up every minute from start, up to 15 minutes for max scaling
    • Now uses Wave Spawning (like Arena)

For balance changes, head on over to the official patch notes here.


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