Patch 11.3 Roundup

Viewer Store

The 11.3 PTS viewer store rotation has rotated its skins, however, the cosmetics remain the same. They will more than likely stay, seeing as the cosmetic rewards have a high viewer points cost. Prices should remain the same as the current 11.2 patch.

Aurora Hel – 75,000 Viewer Points

Ascended Martichoras (Unlimited) – 200,000 Viewer Points

Witch Seeker Amaterasu – 75,000 Viewer Points

E-Boy, E-Girl and E-Pal titles – 500,000 Viewer Points each.

E-Girl Avatar 10,000 Viewer Points

Lurker Title – 1,000,000 Viewer Points

Cyber Lightning Level-Up Skin – 10,000 Viewer Points

Skins Preview

The Bellona skin on the left has yet to be released, though it might be a Bonus Patch skin. The skin on the right is a high fantasy paladin skin for Mulan that will most likely be released in patch 11.4.

The Fallen Zeus Interactions

Below are the interactions that The Fallen Zeus skin has with certain gods after killing them. The skin has 3 forms or stages that I have included in the captions below each audio file.

Ah Puch – Form 3: You’re already dead!
Aphrodite – Form 2: Without your looks, you’re nothing!
Chang’e – Form 2: You can’t dance your way out of this one!
Chronos – Form 3: There is no timeline where you survive.
Discordia – Form 3: Your vanity is your downfall.
Hel – Form 1: You are your own worst enemy.
Hera – Form 3: How pathetic. Fight me yourself!
Ix Chel – Form 2: I won’t be defeated by pretty lights and.. ugh! Hope!
Merlin – Form 1: Your time is long gone, old man!
Olorun – Form 3: The heavens are mine to control!
Poseidon – Form 1: My brother, you are truly foolish to face me.
Raijin – Form 1: I am the true master of thunder and lightning!
Scylla – Form 1: Are they even sending children to stop me? Pathetic!
The Morrigan – Form 3: Become anyone you wish. I will still destroy you!
Thoth – Form 2: What are you going to do? Read at me? Ha!
Vulcan – Form 1: If you think I will lose to a rusted machine, you are sorely mistaken!
Yu Huang – Form 2: Ruling with patience and kindness?! Ha!
Zhong Kui – Form 2: Try as you might, I will not be quelled by you!

Battle Pass Assets

Below are some assets from the Oni Slayer battle pass in case anyone needs them.

Deathsquad Chest Contents

The Deathsquad chest contains 28 items, including the Slasher skin and a cosmetic bundle consisting of an avatar and loading screen. The chest costs 400 gems per roll and will be available with the release of the 11.3 patch on March 19, 2024.


  • Slasher Loki
  • Slash Away! Bundle
  • Bad Apple Discordia
  • Gravemaker Cabrakan
  • Biohacker Kali
  • Bloody Butcher Ymir
  • Crime Boss Kuzenbo
  • Darkest Knight Xbalanque
  • Deadly Doll Cliodhna
  • Death Dragon Anubis
  • Death Lotus Da Ji
  • Death’s Door Janus
  • Demon Dasher Ne Zha
  • Experi-Mental Baba Yaga
  • Frankenhotep Osiris
  • Fun-Pocalypse Hachiman
  • Infantree Sylvanus
  • Living Death Scylla
  • Miss Misery Nike
  • Ms. Diagnosis Neith
  • Mystic Magus Ra
  • Neon Rebellion Rama
  • Plague Lord Hades
  • Plague-Bearer Izanami
  • Silver Bullet Tsukuyomi
  • Slaughterhouse Chaac
  • Soothsayer The Morrigan
  • Spooky Dreams Kumbhakarna


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