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PTS Update – February 14, 2024

New Goddess – Nut, Goddess of the Sky

Pantheon: Egyptian
Role: Hunter – Magical
Voiced by: Suehyla El-Attar Young

When Nut hits an enemy god with a damaging ability, she gains a stacking Attack Speed buff for 5s. Nut may gain multiple stacks from a single ability.

Attack Speed Buff: 2 + 0.1% per level
Max Stacks: 10

Nut enhances her Basic Attacks, firing 2 additional damaging projectiles from her sides at a converging angle. All projectiles pierce enemies but not walls, with the center dealing Basic Attack damage and the sides dealing ability damage. Nut always shoots at least once, but may fire up to an additional 4 shots by gaining stacks when damaging enemies with Basic Attacks. Nut gains 2 stacks for damaging enemy gods. Nut may cancel this ability to refund any unused shots as stacks.

Range: 55
Center Damage Reduction: 55/50/45/40/35%
Side Damage: 3/7/11/15/19 + 15% of your Physical Power
Stacks per Shot: 4
Cooldown: 13s
Cost: 45/50/55/60/65

Nut calls down a comet from the sky, which crashes in a circular area, dealing damage. After it lands, it sends out a damaging shockwave in a larger area. Enemies hit by the comet take a second instance of damage and are Rooted, while enemies in the shockwave are Trembled.

Range/Radius: 55/25/10
Damage: 35/55/75/95/115 + 35% of your Physical Power
Root: 0.9/1/1.1/1.2/1.3s
Tremble: 0.25s
Cooldown: 15s
Cost: 65

Nut warps in the direction she is currently traveling. After she warps, she automatically fires 3 homing projectiles that spread out among nearby enemies, prioritizing gods. These projectiles deal damage and apply a stacking Slow to enemies. Additionally, Nut resets the cooldown of Convergence after using this ability.

Range/Radius: 15/45
Damage: 15/25/35/45/55 + 20% of your Physical Power
Cooldown: 14/13.5/13/12.5/12s
Cost: 40/45/50/55/60

Nut becomes Crowd Control immune and gathers all her energy, flying high into the air and becoming untargetable for 3s. Nut then may move and aim before firing a massive black hole toward the battleground that lands after a short delay, dealing damage to all enemies. After the black hole lands, a gravity surge extends outward, damaging and pulling all enemies toward the center. Nut then lands, returning to her initial location.

Radius: 20,40
Initial Damage: 200/260/320/380/440 + 80% of your Physical Power
Surge Damage: 80/100/120/140/160 + 40% of your Physical Power
Cooldown: 100s
Cost: 100


The Cosmos Nut – 9,500 Favor

Ascended Nut – Year 11 Legacy Pass – $39.99

Mastery Nut9,500/12,500/15,000 Favor


Onyx Blade Susano – Immortal Honor Event – 800 Gems – CrossGen Skin

Voiced by: Bradley Gareth

KissMeXOXO Aphrodite – Immortal Honor Event – 800 Gems – CrossGen Skin

Voiced by: Sura Siu

Gleaming Archer Hou Yi – Gleaming Valor Battle Pass – Level 1 Reward – CrossGen Skin

Voiced by: Jason Yang

Gleaming Defender Ares – Gleaming Valor Battle Pass – Level 50 Reward – CrossGen Skin

Voiced by: David Autovino

Cosmic Thrawn Hades – Cosmic Tyranny Chest – 400 Gems – 17 Items – CrossGen

Voiced by: Will de Renzy-Martin

Commendation Reward – Unlocked in 2025 for players who weren’t banned in Year 11 (2024).

Voiced by: Jimmie Yamaguchi

Battle Pass

PREMIUM TRACK – 600 Gems / 1200 Gems for 20 Levels

  • Level 1 – Gleaming Archer Hou Yi skin
  • Level 10 – Gleaming Revenge Global Emote
  • Level 15 – Cybernetic Title
  • Level 25 – Gleaming Defender Avatar
  • Level 30 – Gleaming Archer Announcer Pack
  • Level 40 – Gleaming Halo Jump Stamp
  • Level 45 – Gleaming Valor Level-Up Skin
  • Level 50 – Gleaming Defender Ares skin


  • Level 10 – Gleaming Archer Avatar
  • Level 20 – Zapped! Death Mark
  • Level 30 – Gleaming Arrows Recall Skin

Smite 2 Renders

Below are the renders of the Smite and Smite 2 Cross-gen skins. This is how they’ll look in Smite 2.

Bug Fixes

  • UI
    • Fixed an issue where items were missing from the Recommended Item Builds Section in the Item Store for many Gods. Fixed an issue where the Joust Ranked God Leaderboards for Year 11 were not loading correctly. Fixed and Updated the Year 11 Ranked Rewards page so that it no longer includes Year 10 data or information.

    • Conquest
      • Updated the previously temporary Buff/Debuff Bar Icons in relation to the Teleporters.
      • Fixed an issue where towers were not rewarding Gold or XP when killed by the Beacon Barrage.
  • GODS
  • Loki – Fixed an issue where Loki’s decoy on his base skin was not animating correctly.
  • Mulan – Fixed an issue where the Slow on her Spear Thrust ability was slowing enemies through slow immunities.
  • Lancelot
    • Fixed an issue where he was not correctly gaining the instant shield from his Mount Up ability.
    • Fixed an issue where, when mounted on his horse, could sometimes go through Janus’ portals (or similar) when he should not be able to.
    • Fixed an issue where Arondight’s extra damage would not apply for his abilities while mounted.

    • Potion of Power
      • Removed mention of “Cooldown” in the short description.
    • Sturdy Shard
      • Fixed an issue where this shard could be put on Cooldown by pressing the associated relic keybind.
    • Fixed an issue with the Skull Eyes Recall would leave behind glowing eyes when canceling the channel.
    • Fixed an issue where the ColorForge Dyes “Gray Haze” and “Well Oiled” were clones of one another.

For balance changes, head on over to the official patch notes here.


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