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Queen of the Underworld Art Contest


I’m hosting a new art contest to commemorate the arrival of the Queen of the Underworld, Persephone! This goddess will be released on Smite’s live servers on Tuesday, August 20th (yep, that’s next week) and there’s already amazing fan-art being shared across social medias. Here are a few examples: @Kosaruka, @brittnidraws, @Rhuviel, @EnaBuns, @hensley29r. In this contest, participants will draw a chibi/cute version of Persephone. Let your freedom flow. It can be default, recolor, mastery or a skin concept piece of the queen herself. Below is what I’ll be looking for:

  1. Chibi (cute, anime) art of Persephone.
  2. It can be an avatar, half-body, or full-body.
  3. Color is not required. That is up to you.
  4. You can add other characters if you wish (Hades, pomegranate, etc), but Persephone must be the focus.
  5. The piece can be digital or traditional. If you’re submitting a traditional piece that’s not scanned to your PC (photo you take with your phone), please make sure it’s not blurry.
  6. Submit your piece to my email,, or DM me through my Twitter @7tanics.
  7. You have until Friday, August 23 at 11:59 PM (US-Central Time) to submit your piece.
  8. Entrants can only submit one piece each.
  9. Submissions will be judged by me based on creativity.
  10. Winners will be chosen and announced on Sunday that same weekend and posted on this website and on my Twitter @7tanics. The winners will then be emailed or DMed (Twitter) and will have to respond within a week to receive their prizes.
  11. By entering this contest, you give me permission to share your submission on this website and Twitter.
  12. Have fun and good luck!


2nd PLACE – 1 Winner

  • Spirit Sun Hou Yi
  • Infantree Sylvanus
  • 400 Gems

1st PLACE – 1 Winner

  • Spirit Sun Hou Yi
  • Infantree Sylvanus
  • 800 Gems


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Written by Elu

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