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Patch 11.2 Roundup

Viewer Store

The 11.2 PTS viewer store rotation is up. Like every PTS patch, the skins and cosmetics are subject to change, seeing that it contains a limited bundle (Nike) and an unlimited skin (Surtr). The titles are new and the prices are bound to change in the live patch.

Devil Tamer Loki – 75,000 Viewer Points

Ascended Surtr (Unlimited) – 200,000 Viewer Points

Victory Bundle – 200,000 Viewer Points
Included: Conqueror Nike, Victory Music Theme, Victory Banner Global Emote,
Worshipper Team Booster, Gold Key (S4).

E-Boy, E-Girl and E-Pal titles – 500,000 Viewer Points each.

Lurker Title – 1,000,000 Viewer Points

Goose! Jump Stamp – 10,000 Viewer Points

Emojis Recall Skin – 10,000 Viewer Points

Skin Previews

Bellona and Neith will be receiving skins in the next patch. Seeing as they’re both confirmed for Smite 2, these should be cross-gen skins that will be available in the Immortal Honor event in 11.3.

Nut Interactions

Below are the wave and clap emotes plus interactions that Nut has with certain gods after killing them.

Geb: Oh my darling, this hurts me more than you’ll ever know.
Horus: To think, you were my golden child!
Osiris: My sweet boy, what have you become?
Ra: We once lived in harmony, grandfather, but I will not stand for this!
Set: I am very disappointed my son. I raised you better than this.
Thoth: You have helped me before but that does not excuse this transgression!

God Select Lore Lady Voice Line

Two voice lines by the Lore Lady have been added to the god select lobby. One is Pick Your God and the other is Select your God. Below you can hear a snippet of one of them.
Voiced by: Suehyla El-Attar Young

Nut Achievements

Singularity: As Nut, hit an enemy with all possible instance of damage from every shot of a single cast of Convergence.
Event Horizon: As Nut, hit 3 enemy Gods with a single cast of Skyfall 3 times within one match.

Cosmic Tyranny Chest Contents

The Cosmic Tyranny chest contains 17 items, including the Cosmic Thrawn Hades skin and a cosmetic bundle of a recall skin and global emote. The chest costs 400 gems per roll and will be available with the release of the 11.2 patch on February 20, 2024.


  • Cosmic Thrawn Hades
  • Cosmic Tyranny Bundle
  • Cosmic Fortune Ganesha
  • Cyberblade Amaterasu
  • Cosmic Sol
  • Cosmic Conqueror Hercules
  • Cosmic Power Anubis
  • Cyber Samurai Hachiman
  • Cyber Scythe Thanatos
  • Cyberfox Da Ji
  • Cybernetic Ullr
  • Cybershadow Merlin
  • Extraterrestrial Tiamat
  • Intruder Bot Cupid
  • Kuzenbot Kuzenbo
  • Pixel Hammer Thor
  • Pixel Lancer Skadi

Cosmic Tyranny Global Emote & Cosmic Orb Recall Skin


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