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Goddess of Magic Art Contest

We can all agree that there are a few of the old gods that need a remodel or re-texture to keep up with the constant evolution of the game. One in particular being Isis, the Goddess of Magic. Her model, especially next to the likes of Horus, Set and Pele, seems like a clay doll that didn’t age well. With that being said, I would like to see YOUR take on a visual update for the goddess. You can draw her model or card art anyway you see fit. What would Isis look like if she got a visual update in your eyes? Make sure to follow the guidelines listed below.

  • Your drawing can be either digital or traditional.
  • If you’re going to take a picture of your piece (assuming you don’t have a scanner), please make sure it’s visible (not blurry, etc).
  • You can only submit one piece.
  • Your subject must be Isis and Isis only.
  • You must submit your piece by May 21st.
  • Send your submission to the email or through my Twitter here.
  • Keep it lore-friendly. This isn’t a contest for a future Isis skin; this is a contest for an updated version of default Isis.
  • With your submission, clarify which gaming platform you play Smite on and any social media you would like for me to share (Twitter, Instagram, etc).


I’ll be picking two winners and announce them on a separate post and on my social media accounts.

FIRST place will receive:

  • Blood Axe Chaac + Illuminator Baron Samedi + 800 Gems.

SECOND place will receive:

  • Blood Axe Chaac + Illuminator Baron Samedi + 400 Gems.

I’ll be making a separate post announcing the winners and the rest of the participants. By entering this contest, you agree to let me post your entry on this website. The winners will be announced on or around May 24-25. Good luck and more importantly, have fun!


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Written by Elu

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