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    New Moon: Chapter One

    The air stank of smoke and death. The Parthenon burned, and Athens burned with it. The city was aflame with madness. Baying crowds filled the streets, driven into a frenzy of despair by the coming of a new god – and the absence of the old. The skies wept oily rain, and the fires blazed […] More

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    Grim Omens: Chapter Four

    The sky above Delphi was the color of raw jade when the Pythia mounted her tripod seat. The great colonnade of the temple creaked like ships masts in a storm, and the hillside quaked and quivered. The priestess’ face was pale, and her eyes hollow with fear as she looked out over the gathered petitioners. […] More

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    Grim Omens: Chapter Three

    Ratatoskr scampered down into the dark beneath the world, trying to ignore the biting cold. His paws ached and his fur was damp from the chill mists that swirled through the forests of Yggdrasil’s tangled, frost-blackened roots. It was a route he had travelled many times before, but it felt different now, as if the […] More

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    Grim Omens: Chapter Two

    The old, dark forest shook as the great chicken-legged house burst through the trees, moving with hideous speed. Inside, crockery rattled thunderously and the shutters banged. The house’s mistress, used to the cacophony, paid no attention. Instead, she leaned across the kitchen and peered into the smoky depths of her mortar, murmuring to herself. Her […] More

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    Grim Omens: Chapter One

    Exhausted, Hua Mulan watched the sun rise. She sat on a fallen timber from the village palisade, her spear thrust into the ground beside her, and her sword across her lap. She had kept watch through the night, but the enemy had not returned. In the aftermath of the conflagration that had nearly claimed the […] More

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    Jade Corruption: Chapter Two

    With a shout, the rider urged her steed over the remnants of the broken gate. As the horse’s hooves slammed down onto the hard-packed earth on the other side of the wall, Hua Mulan leaned forward, sending her spear into the clay skull of the first of the creatures. She jerked the weapon loose as […] More

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    Jade Corruption: Chapter One

    The attack had come in the small hours before dawn. It had happened so swiftly, so savagely, that the villagers could do nothing save seek shelter in the old temple. It was small and humble. But solid. Built of stone, rather than wood. It was the sturdiest building in the village. But that wasn’t saying […] More

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    Underworld Odyssey: Chapter Four

    Trees sang a song of welcome as Persephone passed beneath their gnarled boughs. The forests of Vanaheimr knew her of old, for she had wandered among them in more innocent times. She let her fingers caress their knotted trunks as she passed among them, and their song grew fierce as they sensed her reason for […] More

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    Underworld Odyssey: Chapter Three

    Hades sat on his throne and contemplated the scrying crystal before him. The crystal rose from the broken tiles of his throne room, suspended in a web of thick roots and creeper vines, and its milky facets shone with a cold light. He gestured, and the cloudiness of the facets cleared, revealing frenzied images. He […] More

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    Underworld Odyssey: Chapter Two

    The Warden of the Underworld dozed. Cerberus lay in his usual spot overlooking the Styx, his trio of heads lowered across his massive paws. Occasionally, a triangular ear twitched as the great hound caught the slap of water against the hull of Charon’s boat or the whisper of a harpy’s wings overhead. One of his […] More

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    Underworld Odyssey: Chapter One

    The word went out across the realms. To every fane and temple, to every heaven and hell. To every underworld. From the nine regions of Mictlan to the deep islands of Annwn. From the frozen shores of Niflheim to the depths of Tartarus. The word flew to every ear keen enough to perceive it – […] More

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    Battle for Olympus Lore: Chapter 3

    Olympus was burning. Mystic flames washed across shattered marble, painting everything the colour of blood. Amid a forest of broken pillars and benches, god battled god. The war raged through Olympus, tearing through the ancient gardens and fanes. Hera swept out her sceptre, momentarily dispersing the smoke. “Argus! Strike now!” At her command, Argus wrenched […] More

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