Dates for Upcoming Sand & Skies Content

I’m still getting a lot of questions regarding the dates for the upcoming Sand & Skies content like the Fabled Artio skin and Blinky Chibi Janus skins, so here’s a brief summary of when they’re coming to the game. Keep in mind that with the new update changes that season 6 introduced, there will be new content released every week. So instead of dropping everything in one patch, it’s now stretched out throughout a month.


  • Arrives in the week of May 6.
  • Includes 14 items at 400 gems per roll.
  • New items include Fabled Artio and the Fairytale Bundle.
  • Fairytale Bundle includes the Glass Slippers Jump Stamp and Once Upon a Time Global Emote.
  • Fabled Artio can be directly purchased for 1,200 gems.


  • Arrives in the week of May 13.
  • Chest costs 400 gems per roll.
  • New items include Marrow Eater Fenrir and Pop Punk Hel.
  • Each of these skins can be directly purchased for 750 gems each.


  • Arrives in the week of May 20.
  • Includes 10 items at 400 gems per roll.
  • New items include Blinky Chibi Janus and the Chibi Bonanza Bundle.
  • Chibi Bonanza Bundle includes the Chompy Chibi Ward Skin and Cutesypalooza Level-Up Skin.
  • Blinky Chibi Janus can be purchased directly for 1,200 gems.


  • Arrives on May 24.
  • Includes Prince of Darkness Hades, Prince of Darkness Announcer Pack, Prince of Darkness Loading Screen, and other items TBA.
  • You will receive this bundle automatically if you have Twitch Prime and have it linked to your Hi-Rez account.
  • You can link your accounts here.

And that’s everything arriving this month from the Sand and Skies update. And if you don’t want to read everything above, you can just look at the visual infographic I have provided below. You can follow me on Twitter to view any more updates on new content coming to Smite. And you can also DM me if you have any questions.


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