The Lightning Orc

Grohk was always a bit… off. He never fit in with the other orcs. In fact, the Fire Tribe cheered when Grohk left. They laughed when he returned, proclaiming himself prophet to Vex, the Lightning God. The tribe stopped laughing when Grohk electrocuted them all. Now, Shaman to the new Lightning Orcs of the Red River, Grohk ventures into Crosswind Hold to interpret the will of Vex.


Lightning Staff

A staff that creates a channeled beam of lightning dealing 85 damage per hit every .1 seconds. The Lightning Staff cannot be manually reloaded and instead recharges when not firing.

Shock Pulse

Time Bomb
Fire a projectile that deals 125 damage and bounces between enemy players slowing them by 30% for 2s.

Healing Totem

Poison Bolts
Deploy a totem with 900 health that heals nearby allies for 520 Health every second and lasts 6 seconds.

Ghost Walk

Become untargetable and gain 20% movement speed for 1.5s. Removes all debuffs on use.

Tempest (Ultimate)

Surge with power for 3s, slowing and striking 2 nearby enemies at a time for 200 damage and speeding up and healing 2 nearby allies for 500 health every .5 seconds.