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    Perilous Seas: Chapter Three

    Zeus fell from the heavens like a thunderbolt. Scylla rose to meet the former king of Olympus, a wild grin on her cherubic features. The sea shook at the violence of their meeting, as if the very waters were in pain. Perhaps they were. Merlin watched the struggle from a safe distance away, hidden by […] More

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    Perilous Seas: Chapter Two

    Gilgamesh charged through the surf, the roar of the sea loud in his ears. A geyser of water rose upwards to an impossible height, dragging much of the unfortunate fishing fleet – and their crews – with it. Mortals tumbled through the air as their vessels were crushed and broken by the force of the […] More

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    Perilous Seas: Chapter One

    Tiamat climbed onto the summit of her great temple and watched as the storm of her making battered Olympus. Great waves lapped at the foothills and torrential rains flooded the home of the gods. But it was not enough. Already, she could feel the storm’s fury beginning to abate. She was not the only one […] More

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    Court of Midnight

    Lightning ripped the sky wide and cast long shadows over Olympus. Rain fell in torrential sheets and newborn rivers ran through the gardens of the gods. Olorun watched the skies weep and wondered if Tiamat were behind it. The likelihood was strong. Shaking the heavens was common indicator of divine annoyance, after all. Then, Tiamat […] More

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    Talons of Tyranny: Chapter Four

    Morgan Le Fay passed through the halls of Olympus like a shadow, draped in her strongest illusions, her sword following in her wake like a trained hound. None could see her, or if they did, they saw only what they expected to see. As she walked, she traced enchantments on the air. These enchantments coiled […] More

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    Talons of Tyranny: Chapter Three

    The plan had been a good one, Gilgamesh thought. Tiamat had only just awakened, and would be confused – uncertain. Even better, she had expended much of her strength repairing the world. A perfect time to attack. Only it seemed Tiamat was not so confused as he’d thought. Nor as weak. Panting, he leapt back […] More

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    Talons of Tyranny: Chapter Two

    Tiamat shifted her weight and drew herself up as her gaze picked out the figures climbing towards her temple. To her eyes, the gods shimmered like precious jewels, each one connected to the world by strands of divine light. It would be so easy to sever those strands. One quick slash, and the world would […] More

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    Talons of Tyranny: Chapter One

    The moon rose over the Taihang Mountains, and the dead murmured contentedly in their graves. Mulan walked among them, listening to their stories. When she heard the soft hiss of blooming flowers, she stopped and turned. “Hello my friend.” “Mulan,” Persephone said, stepping out of the trees. “I am glad to see you.” “As I […] More

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    Dawn of Babylon: Chapter Two

    The island shuddered, as if in agony, but Ares paid it no mind. He had enemies to fight and a war to win. The mortals were little challenge, but the creatures they had summoned to their aid were proving more entertaining. Monstrous, ichthyic abominations – the worst of man, frog and fish combined into one. […] More

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    Dawn of Babylon: Chapter One

    Ancient stones shifted – parted – crumbled. Set stepped through the newly made gap, into the silent expanse beyond. He sighed in satisfaction. In the months since the corruption of the World Tree, Set had led his allies on a hunt for a weapon mighty enough to defeat the Great Dreamer. Now, at long last, […] More

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    Season 8 Announcement Recap

    New Gods Tiamat and Gilgamesh are joining the battleground as part of the Babylonian pantheon. Tiamat will be a stance switcher who can summon creatures to help her. Gilgamesh is more than likely a warrior. Tiamat will be released in February and Gilgamesh will follow in April. Season 8 Map There’s a new season 8 […] More

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    Night & Day Contest Winners

    The winners of the Night & Day Contest are “Queen Bee Nox” by UnicornoExtremo and “SMITE Movie Poster” by BubiDiBup! Thank you to everyone who participated in this contest! The race was very close between all of the submissions. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough prizes for everyone. All of the entries will be posted on […] More

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