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    PTS Update – February 14, 2024

    New Goddess – Nut, Goddess of the Sky Pantheon: EgyptianRole: Hunter – MagicalVoiced by: Suehyla El-Attar Young PASSIVE: FluxWhen Nut hits an enemy god with a damaging ability, she gains a stacking Attack Speed buff for 5s. Nut may gain multiple stacks from a single ability. Attack Speed Buff: 2 + 0.1% per levelMax Stacks: […] More

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    Hope Reborn Ch. 2 – Lady of the Rainbow

    The village was on fire when the traveler stepped out of the forest. Winged shapes swooped through the dark sky, cutting lazy circles through the smoke. The screeches of the bird-women grated on the newcomer’s ears and she quickened her pace. Mortals fled into the forest and the hills, paying little heed to her in […] More

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    Hope Reborn Ch. 1 – Ray of Hope

    Maui stepped into the heart of the volcano and the heat beat against his flesh. Despite the searing red glow cast up by the roiling magma, he could see his hosts clearly. Pele waited front and center, sitting atop a throne made from molten rock. Beside her stood Vulcan, looking as pugnacious as Maui recalled […] More

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    Magic The Gathering Ch. 2 – King of the Manticores

    The wind shifted. The hunter paused, alert. Wary. Above, the sky rolled, as if on the verge of a storm. Below, the jungle stank of fire. But there was no fire to be seen. Only the marks of something large passing through the hunter’s territory, in a great hurry. The hunter crept through the trees, […] More

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    Magic The Gathering Ch. 1 – The Bright Sword

    Surtr stirred from his fugue, straightening at his eternal post. His charred fingers unconsciously tightened about the hilt of his bright blade. A pulse of what might have been anticipated flooded him. Something had changed. He turned slowly, surveying the ruins that served as his camp. Broken towers and shattered pillars were all the remained […] More

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    Soaring Isles Ch. 4 – Two Tricksters

    Maui sat on his haunches before a campfire, by the side of a coursing river. Fireflies danced through the night and he watched them for a time, enjoying the stillness of the night, before turning his attentions back to his companion. The tanuki trickster, Danzaburou, sat across from him, sipping from a bottle of sake. […] More

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    Soaring Isles Ch. 3 – Pele’s Wrath

    Maui sighed and hauled his boat ashore. There was ash on the wind, and everything smelled of fire. The deep fire, the red blood of the earth that boiled up and turned the seas to steam and the air to poison. The roar of the conflagration had drawn him steadly southwards, to far band of […] More

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    Soaring Isles Ch. 2 – Queen of Chaos

    Ishtar pushed through the dripping undergrowth, her bow in hand. Broken stones rose around her – the remnants of some forgotten kingdom. She paused, listening. She could hear the pattering of the rain and beneath it…something else. Movement. She readied an arrow and turned, keen gaze scanning the greenery. The movement ceased. She narrowed her […] More

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    Soaring Isles Ch. 1 – Queen of Heaven

    Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, settled back on this throne and resisted the urge to sigh. His vizier continued to drone about whatever dull matter of state had preoccupied him this day. It was always something new. Rarely, however, was it something exciting. Once, being king had meant slaying monsters and battling wild men. But then […] More

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    Nickelodeon – Courage & Honor

    “I am Ullr, and the bear is mine.” Ullr pointed one of his axes at Lancelot. “Now stand aside, mortal – or become my prey as well.” Lancelot considered this. His first impulse was to draw his sword and make a threat of his own. Instead, he simply leaned his lance across his shoulders and […] More

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    Heavenly Light Ch. 4 – Worthy

    Merlin stepped into the audience chamber and was, as ever, impressed with how well it reflected the thought processes of its builder. The space was utilitarian; practical. Nothing wasted, nothing out of place. Such was how many had described Camelot’s ruler – even Merlin himself, at times. There were worse things a king could be, […] More

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    Heavenly Light Ch. 3 – Celestial Sovereign

    Xing Tian charged, axe raised, his torso-face twisted into a roar of fury – and not a little triumph. Yu Huang, the Jade Emperor, met him with a frown. “I say again, there is no need for this, revered warrior. Whatever our differences, let us settle them with words – not steel.” But Xing Tian […] More

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