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    Jade Corruption: Chapter Two

    With a shout, the rider urged her steed over the remnants of the broken gate. As the horse’s hooves slammed down onto the hard-packed earth on the other side of the wall, Hua Mulan leaned forward, sending her spear into the clay skull of the first of the creatures. She jerked the weapon loose as […] More

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    Underworld Odyssey: Chapter Two

    The Warden of the Underworld dozed. Cerberus lay in his usual spot overlooking the Styx, his trio of heads lowered across his massive paws. Occasionally, a triangular ear twitched as the great hound caught the slap of water against the hull of Charon’s boat or the whisper of a harpy’s wings overhead. One of his […] More

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    Battle for Olympus Lore: Chapter 2

    Olympus was empty. It was but a shadow of itself. An echo of faded grandeur, doomed to be forgotten by those who had once looked to it for inspiration. Or so it seemed in this moment. Hera stood alone in the grand amphitheater, save for the ever-watchful Argus. The Queen of the Gods cast her […] More