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    Draw This! Contest Winners

    In the slideshow you can view the winners of the Draw This! contest! I decided to pick more than 3 winners, so I split some prizes. There were so many submissions and I’m so grateful to everyone who participated. I do apologize for not having enough codes for everyone because all of the concepts are […] More

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    YouTube Milestone Giveaway

    Time for a new giveaway! But Elu, you just picked winners for the previous giveaway. Why another one so soon? WELL, I’m excited to announce the 1k milestone that SMITE HQ hit on YouTube. The SMITE HQ YouTube channel now has 1k subscribers and I couldn’t be more grateful to everyone who has stuck around […] More

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    Leona JPF Nemesis Giveaway

    I have an extra code for the Leona JPF Nemesis skin for Xbox One or PC that I will give away to one lucky person. There are various ways to enter below through Gleam. A winner will be selected on Sunday. But that’s not all! A second winner will be picked and given 400 Gems. […] More

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    Gems Giveaway

    UPDATE: This giveaway is over. But don’t worry, more giveaways are on their way. Stay tuned on both this website and the group. If you’re already in the group, you’ll be automatically entered for future giveaways! Winners: Erick Salazar, Mike Bowes and Logan Warren   It’s that time again! I’ll be choosing three winners, each […] More

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    October Skin Sales

    UPDATE: Updated with more skins and correct prices.   All skin sales for October have been revealed! Although no exact date on when each one will go on sale, this gives you an idea of what you’ll want to save your gems on. A few of these don’t have the exact sale price, since the […] More

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    Gems & Alienware Ra Giveaway

    UPDATE: Winners 1st: Ray Leya 2nd/3rd: Gina Helga, Jacob Kelly 4th/5th/6th: Kit Guerra, Daniel Gabadinho, Sean Morley   ____________________________________________________   We’re giving away Gems and Alienware Ra to six lucky winners! One winner will receive: 800 Gems Two winners will receive: 400 Gems each The rest will receive: Alienware Ra Code Just enter below, as […] More