Call of Battle Weekend

Starting this Friday, November 6th, celebrate The Call of Battle. The Special Ops Bundle (at 900 Gems) and Exclusive Soldier of Fortune Ares skin (at 600 Gems) will be available. Lastly, the following skins will be 50% off.

This event will last through Sunday, November 8th and will be available on both PC and Xbox One.

Skin Original Price Sale Price
Dark Lord Sun Wukong 600 Gems 300 Gems
G.I. Zhong 600 Gems 300 Gems
Blind Vengeance Nemesis 400 Gems 200 Gems
Blood Eagle Thor 400 Gems 200 Gems
Heavenly Warlord Sun Wukong 250 Gems 125 Gems
Warforged Vulcan 250 Gems 125 Gems
Wrath of Valhalla Thor 250 Gems 125 Gems
Shinobalanque Xbalanque 400 Gems 200 Gems
Diamond Sword Ares 400 Gems 200 Gems
Death Machine Bakasura 400 Gems 200 Gems
Metal Carnage Fenrir 400 Gems 200 Gems
Infiltrator Loki 400 Gems 200 Gems
Diamyodin Odin 400 Gems 200 Gems

Source(s): Official Announcement


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