Celestial Voyage Patch Notes


Version: 4.5
Release Date: March 28, 2017

Poseidon has received a visual update to his base, London Conspiracy, The Earthshaker and Mastery models, plus their corresponding cards. His ultimate, The Kraken, has also received a VU!



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Star Eater KhepriCelestial Voyage

Voice Pack Available!

Star Strike NeithCelestial Voyage

Voice Pack Available!

Star Lancer AnhurCelestial Voyage

Voice Pack Available!

Star Tamer BastetCelestial Voyage

Voice Pack Available!

Star Scribe ThothLimited (Celestial Voyage)

Voice Pack Available!

Mastery Bastet


Discover the world of ancient Hieroglyphs as you join your favorite Egyptian gods on a Celestial Voyage! Along your journey you will unlock secrets, solve challenging puzzles, and earn celestial-themed rewards. The one secret we can tell you now – there are many rewards for all who wish to traverse the stars.

There will be 12 Quests for you to embark on , each giving you a Hieroglyph that can be used to unlock Bonus Rewards. To claim each Bonus Reward, purchase one of the event skins to get a Craft Token. When the Craft Tokens are combined with the correct Hieroglyphs (in the correct order), the Celestial Portal will activate and bring forward your reward. Make sure to read the hints provided to figure out the correct sequence!

You will start a quest by clicking on a Bonus Reward. A set of hieroglyphs will appear at the bottom, which will allow you to pick and start a quest. There will be 12 quests available and you can only complete one quest at a time until the end of the event.

Completing a quest will activate the hieroglyph associated with that quest, which you can use later to unlock Bonus Rewards. Quests will award the specified 100 favor, an Enigma Chest, or 30 Fantasy Points upon quest completion.

The Celestial Voyage event begins with Patch 4.5 and ends with 4.8, approximately March 28 – May 9 for PC/Mac and April 4 – May 16 for console.
Star Scribe Thoth is the Collection Bonus after purchasing the Celestial Voyage skins (Star Lancer Anhur, Star Tamer Bastet, Star Strike Neith, and Star Eater Khepri) for 400 gems each, and cannot be directly purchased.
It is recommended that you complete all 12 quests before you attempt to solve the clues.

Crafting Bonus Rewards

Earn Bonus Rewards by crafting the correct sequence of activated Hieroglyphs. Once you have 3 or more active Hieroglyphs and 1 Craft Point you can start earning these rewards.
You will be given a clue on which hieroglyphs to choose (and in which order). You will place the Hieroglyphs you think interpret the clue into sockets and see what the results are. If the Hieroglyph order is incorrect it will cancel and reset the sockets so you can try again. If the order is correct then you will need 1 Craft Point to be able to Craft the 3 Hieroglyphs together. You obtain 1 Craft Point for each Celestial Voyage themed Skin you unlock. Once a Bonus Reward is crafted, the hieroglyphs used will vanish.

Direct Purchase Skins

  • Star Lancer Anhur (Exclusive)
  • Star Tamer Bastet (Exclusive)
  • Star Eater Khepri (Exclusive)
  • Star Strike Neith (Exclusive)

Celestial Voyage Collection Bonus

  • Star Scribe Thoth (Limited)

Bonus Rewards

  • Loading Frame (Limited)
  • Background Loading Screen (Limited) – NEW FEATURE!
  • Pedestal (Limited)
  • Music Theme (Limited)



Pigging Out
As Cernunnos, kill 1 enemy who is currently poly-morphed from your Wild Hunt Ability.

Seasons Shift
As Cernunnos, kill 1 person who is currently afflicted by Autumn Decay Debuff while Cernunnos is in a different stance from the Shifter of Seasons Ability.


    All Items, God Abilities, and Relics should now properly follow Slow stacking rules.

  • Item Slow effects are all strongest wins. This means the strongest Slow applied by an Item is the only Slow that will affect a God. [?] Items can stack with Relic and God Ability Slows.
  • God Abilities should all stack with all other Slows from any source.
  • Relics should behave like God abilities, and should stack with all other Slows from any source. Relics cannot stack with themselves however.
  • Updated the list of Items and Relics that are announced to your team when purchased.

  • Added Magic Shell
  • Added Meditation
  • Added Phantom Veil
  • Added Frenzied Ritual
  • Added Void Shield
  • Added Spiked Shield
  • Added Runic Shield
  • Removed Sage’s Stone
  • Removed Stone of Fal
  • Clan Banning

  • Clan Leaders can now ban players using the syntax /clanban and can unban players using /clanunban .
  • A player must be kicked from the Clan before they can be banned from the Clan.
  • Fixed an issue where Gold and Experience earned while dead would not be counted towards your team Gold and Experience in the Combat Log.


Flickering Ritual
In 4.3, Flickering Ritual had an unintended nerf. In our internal testing, we attempted reducing its range as an alternative nerf to the cost increase but we ended up cutting it before it went live due to how it altered the feel of the Ritual. However, due to some patching magic, it made its way into live.

We watched it closely to see if this was something we wanted to hotfix but instead, saw a large reduction in frustration from players around the Ritual while it still saw active play. Due to this, we are keeping both the cost adjustment from 4.3 and the unintended range nerf and making it an official change.

TOOLTIP: Updated the description of this item to properly convey its new range (40 units).

Hydra’s Lament
Hydra’s Lament has become a core item on many Assassins, giving them a large power spike in the early game and allowing them to take control of the early game very quickly. We wanted to slow down this particular build path just a bit to make sure alternative strategies can see success. Hydra’s Star is seeing a cost increase to force players to commit into the build a bit more before buying Hydra’s Lament.

Increased Cost from 1000g → 1200g.
Hydra’s Lament remains the same cost (2150 Gold).

Mantle of Discord
A while back we adjusted many Cooldown Reduction Items so that it would be easier to build them together and reach the 40% cap without going over or slightly under. Mantle of Discord is seeing this change as well and is receiving a price change to compensate for the change.

Decreased Cooldown Reduction from 15% → 10%.
Decreased Cost from 3100g → 2900g.

Mark of the Vanguard
At high levels of play, we have seen the rise of teams stacking Mark of the Vanguards together to become very tanky as a team early on. We are toning down the strength of MotV to bring this strategy more in line with different build paths and team compositions to ensure the competitive scene remains healthy with a diverse pool of strategies.

Decreased Health from 150 → 100.

img src=”http://smite.noobabble.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/3/2016/01/Masamune.png” alt=”” width=”108″ height=”108″ class=”size-full wp-image-2420″ />
Masamune is an interesting hybrid item that gives very aggressive stats and then rewarding you with defenses for engaging with the enemy. This item is seeing an increase in the defenses the Passive provides to better encourage and reward players who can fully utilize it.

PASSIVE: Increased the protections provided by each stack from 5 → 7.

Relics and Relic Upgrades could stack which encourages a strange game state of never wanting to upgrade your Relic if a teammate already had the upgraded Relic. We have fixed this so now Relics and Relic Upgrades will no longer stack with themselves.

All Relics have been updated to not stack with their Upgraded form.

Greater Sprint

Will now always provide the Basic Attack Penalty Removal even if the Movement Speed Buff is removed from the target.

Rod of Healing & Asclepius
Similar to the Relic change, players were able to stack Rod of Healing and Rod of Asclepius to stack bonus healing. Now, only the strongest healing bonus will apply.

The passives for these items no longer stack with each other. Instead, the strongest Healing Bonus will now take priority.

Enchanted Spear
In 4.5, we are taking a close look at the Enchanted Spear tree. Our first change is to reduce the cost of Enchanted Spear to allow players to pick it up just a hair earlier.

Reduced cost from 1450g → 1400g.
Spear of the Magus and Divine Ruin’s cost remain unchanged.

Spear of Desolation
Spear of Desolation gives Mages many of the stats they would want, but wasn’t giving enough of any of these stats to make players want to purchase it at 2800 gold.

Reduced Cost from 2800g → 2600g.

Spear of the Magus
Spear of the Magus and Void Shard are two sides of the same coin, but Void Shard’s upfront burst overshadowed the payoff that Spear of the Magus can bring once fully stacked up. We are increasing the max stacks Spear of the Magus can have to ensure the payoff feels worth it for characters who have the ability to quickly stack it up.

PASSIVE: Increased max stack count from 3 → 5.

Soul Trap
The Soul Trap tree has struggled to compete with some of the more early game focused items that Mages are currently choosing. Soul Trap is seeing a cost reduction to allow for players to more easily build into the Late Game play style that Book of Thoth and Soul Reaver allow.

Reduced Cost from 1600g → 1400g.
Book of Thoth and Soul Reaver’s Cost remain unchanged.



Kiss: Fixed an issue where the same target being kissed by two Aphrodite’s would cause them to gain a permanent Speed Boost.

Ares is an aggressive support, but in the recent meta he has struggled to exert that pressure in the early game. Shackles will now deal increased damage to minions, allowing skilled Ares players to help clear the wave while tagging enemy gods with Shackles.

Shackles: Increased Minion Damage Dealt from 25/45/65/85/105 → 50/70/90/110/130.

Cernunnos immediately sprung onto the Battleground and made an impact. Our goals with the following changes are to bring him more in line with other hunters, reduce frustrations when fighting against him, and keep Shifter of Seasons an impactful part of his kit. The largest change is the removal of the Slow on Bramble Blast. Cernunnos was able to zone his enemies too effectively with this Ability, allowing him to remain safe and control the battle at the same time. We are also reducing his Base Power to tone down his early game, while Spring Lifesteal is seeing a nerf to reduce his sustain during all stages of the game.

Reduced Base Power from 40 → 37.

Shifter of Seasons: Reduced Base Power from 40 → 37.

Bramble Blast: This ability no longer Slows.

Hercules’ change in Season 4 has resulted in him being a much better brawler than Season 3, allowing him to impact fights at all stages of the game. After seeing how he has played out with other balance changes made around him (looking at you Shield of Regrowth) we saw him surviving and healing too often. Players will now have a bigger window to take Hercules down while Mitigate Wounds if on Cooldown.

Mitigate Wounds: Increased Cooldown from 15s → 17s.

During the Season 4 patch, we promised to keep an eye on all of our changes, and help those that ended up being affected too negatively by any change. Jing Wei is a God we have been keeping a particularly close eye on due to her ability to decide metas with her playstyle. We are reverting some of our previous nerfs to her base stats to give her back some boxing potential and are buffing one of her main tools of aggression to encourage her to get in and fight. We will continue to watch her as these buffs roll out and will continue to adjust her if these changes aren’t enough to bring her back into line with other Hunters.

Increased Base Health from 72 → 78 per Level.
Increased Base Movement Speed from 365 → 370.

Explosive Bolts: Decreased Cooldown from 16s → 14s.

Nemesis’ Swift Vengeance is seeing a large change in how it is used. Before, if you canceled Swift Vengeance before using the second dash, the ability would go on Cooldown and you would lose the second dash. Now when cancelled, Nemesis will have up to 2 seconds to use the Ability again even if other Abilities or Basic Attacks are used. This should allow skilled Nemesis players to get additional damage and control during the 2 second window and will make Nemesis a less predictable.

Swift Vengeance: Nemesis can now use Abilities and Basic Attacks in between her first and second dash. Her second dash still goes on Cooldown after 2 seconds.


Fixed an issue where clients were not taken to the End of Match Lobby if The Morrigan’s Ultimate ends after the end of the game.
Fixed an issue where The Morrigan’s Basic Attacks would still fire when transformed into a different God.

Baiting enemies to use their escapes and Cooldowns due to Final Judgement has become a staple for Thoth players, but a frustration point for his enemies. With no penalty, it was something that could be done with no downside that put a large amount of pressure on enemy players. We want to preserve the mind games this allows for, but not for free. Now, Thoth needs to spend Mana to cancel Final Judgement, limiting the times Thoth players can play with this skill before running out of Mana.

Final Judgement:
Increased Mana Cost from 90 → 100.
Cancelling this Ability now costs 30 Mana.


Visual: Updated Ability Icons.

In 4.4, we updated Expose Evil to deal 75% of its remaining Damage when consumed, but we discovered it was accounting for its Base Damage and scaling Damage differently. Even though it was bugged, the 4.4 change helped him a lot so we will be keeping a close eye on how he performs with the correct implementation of his previous buff in this patch.

Expose Evil: Expose Evil should now deal 75% of the remaining scaling damage in addition to the Base Damage it was already dealing.

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