Code of Chivalry Patch Notes


Version: 4.11
Release Date: June 20, 2017



Thrice born child of Gods and Kings, Cú Chulainn is legend brought to life. A warrior without equal that, alone, held and army at bay; a man of will and courage that resisted both the allure and wrath of the Morrigan; a figure of tragic prophecy, destined for greatness and an early grave. So many legends are there of his achievements they could be spoken for days and yet still more be told. And yet throughout his triumphs, his death loomed constant, foretold and certain.

In his early years, while still bearing the name Sétanta, he was already an impressive individual, catching the attention of King Conchobar with feats of strength and agility. Conchobar invited the boy to a feast hosted by the smith, Culann. Left unchained by mistake, Culann’s fearsome guard dog assailed Sétanta when he arrived. With only his bare hands, the boy defended himself and slew the beast. Ashamed, Sétanta swore to Culann he would personally train a new dog that would guard his home in the interim. Impressed, the druid Cathbad declared Sétanta would now be called the Cú Chulainn, the Hound of Culann.

This was the birth of a hero, but his death was yet bound in prophecy. Cathbad, the same druid who named him, promised a group of boys, “Any that take up arms this day will become legends.” Seeking greatness, Cú Chulainn raced off to find weapons before hearing more. He saw years of victory, of achieving the impossible, of becoming a legend before him. Cathbad, however, was devastated, for he knew that those who took up arms that day were also foretold to die young.


Passive: Berserk
Cu Chulainn’s Mana Bar functions differently than other gods. His Mana is capped at 100 and only regenerates up to 25 Mana. Hitting Abilities, Basic Attacks, or allies and himself taking damage cause Cu Chulainn to gain Mana. After being above 85 Mana for 3 seconds, he goes Berserk. While Berserk, Cu Chulainn gains Power and Maximum Health and his Abilities change.

Barbed Spear/Ground Slam
Cu Chulainn thrusts his spear forward, damaging all enemies in front of him and stunning less powerful minions. Successfully hitting an enemy with this ability restores 6 Mana(to a max of 18). Barbs from his spear stick in opponents and reduce their Healing taken for 4s. In his Berserk Form, Cu Chulainn instead slams his massive arms down, damaging and rooting all Enemies in front of him.

Vent Anger
Cu Chulainn vents his anger as superheated steam, increasing his Movement Speed and draining his Ferocity. Every .5s while in this state, all enemies within range are damaged by the heat.

Salmon’s Leap/Furious Charge
Cu Chulainn vaults over his spear, leaping to a target location and slamming it down to damage enemies around and in front of him. Successfully hitting an enemy with this Ability restores 6 Ferocity (to a max of 18). In his Berserk Form, Cu Chulainn instead charges forward, damaging and driving all enemies back with him.

Spear of Mortal Pain/War Cry (Ultimate)
Cu Chulainn swings his spear in a circle around him, Damaging and knocking up all enemies. Successfully hitting an enemy with this Ability restores 12 Ferocity (to a max of 36).





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Noble Knight OsirisCode of Chivalry Reward

Voice Pack Available!

Black Knight OsirisCode of Chivalry Reward

Voice Pack Available!

Lady Liberty NoxIndependence Chest

Voice Pack Available!

Draco Knight TyrCode of Chivalry Bundle

Voice Pack Available!

Jackal Knight AnubisCode of Chivalry Reward

Voice Pack Available!

Dread Knight OdinCode of Chivalry Reward

Voice Pack Available!

Xibalba’s Shadow Camazotz250 Gems

Mastery Da Ji

Mastery Nox

Mastery Osiris


Cu Chulainn Clap

Cu Chulainn Wave

Nox Dance

Osiris Dance


Some knights seek honor and others seek vengeance. Your destiny along your quest as Osiris will be defined by the choices you make. Will you be the Noble Knight or Black Knight? The choice is yours in the Code of Chivalry.

Purchasing the Code of Chivalry Bundle automatically unlocks content and allows players to begin completing Quests. These Quests will determine the order in which you unlock content and will progress the story – good or bad.


  • Access to the Event
  • Draco Knight Tyr
  • Fire Giant Ward
  • Chivalry Loading Frame


  • Jackal Knight Anubis
  • Dread Knight Odin
  • Noble Night Osiris
  • Black Knight Osiris
  • Chivalry Loading Screen
  • Chivalry Music Theme

  • Added a notification if a player is about to queue without selecting a quest from an on-going event.


Dreamhack Valencia is approaching and 4.11 will be the Patch that both the SMITE Pro League and SMITE Console League will be played on. In 4.10, we made targeted adjustments to Cleave characters, Sundering Spear, and minor God and Item balance which were causing problems at high levels of play. We are continuing this level of focused change for 4.11 and are excited to see how the meta continues to evolve in the time leading up to Dreamhack with these changes in place.

Gauntlet of Thebes
Aura items have long been staples of Support builds for some time, and with Season 4’s introduction of Gauntlet of Thebes, that build become even more prevalent. Gauntlet Of Thebes was very cost efficient in terms of raw survivability, providing both forms of Protections with a high amount of Health, while also sharing those defenses to allies. We are reducing the Health and total amount of Protections provided to bring it more into line with other non-aura options.

Decreased Health from 350 → 300.

Decreased Magical and Physical Protections on Aura from 20 → 15.

Sovereignty is also another aura item which provided a large amount of Protections both to the Support and their team. We are reducing the amount of Protections shared to allies, but moving some of the Protections onto the base Item. Supports should feel a similar amount of tankiness, but they won’t be sharing nearly as much as they were previously.

Heartward Amulet is normally paired with Sovereignty, but as a Magical Protection item, it was already more situational than Sovereignty and saw replacements in items like Shogun’s Kusari. We are going to watch the strength of other aura and defensive items before making other adjustments.

Increase Physical Protection from 30 → 40.
Decreased Physical Protection Aura from 30 → 15.

Shifter’s Shield
In a previous patch, we adjusted this item to be more weighted on the Passive, allowing for higher Power with less Protections, or vica-versa. This has allowed for players to cheaply gain a large chunk of Power with the utility of Protections in clutch early and mid engagements. We are increasing its cost to better reflect its new strength.

Increase Cost from 2350g → 2500g.



Fixed an issue where his armpit had golden textures on his Mastery Skins.


Pao Lao:
Landing targeter should now immediately appear upon manually cancelling this Ability early

After firing all three chains, Daji will begin shifting to dismount the Pao Lao rather than waiting for her Ability to time out.

Cursed Strength is Fafnir’s golden ticket Ability, giving him strong Crowd Control, a powerful Slow and Protection Shred in Dragon-form. We are reducing the Slow from a maximum of 40% to 20% at all ranks. This should lessen his ability to control the enemy team during the later stages of the game, instead relying on his other late game team-oriented tools like Coerce to get the job done..

Cursed Strength: Changed Slow from 20/25/30/35/40% → 20% at all ranks.

Ganesha’s Abilities all provide powerful utility to his team, making him a great Support pick across all skill levels of play. One consistent piece of feedback we received, however, was Dharmic Pillars didn’t feel as impactful as it could during most stages of the game. Rather than have the Slow component of this scale to 40% from 20%, it is now 35% at all ranks. Ganesha players can now choose to cage and enemy team and force them into a tough decision or drop the edge on a player, granting a powerful Shred and Slow very early into the game.

Dharmic Pillars: Changed Slow from 20/25/30/35/40% → 35% at all ranks.


Fixed an issue on the Captain Quick Skin where he was playing multiple audio sounds when activating Special Delivery.

Nemesis has been a popular pick during this Season in the competitive scene, fulfilling the role of a tank shredder to great effect. However, many who experience Nemesis see her largely as an ultimate bot that doesn’t feel counterable. We have plans to look at her a bit more in-depth during the Mid-Season Patch (4.13) but wanted to make a minor adjustment before Dreamhack.

Scales Of Fate is seeing a reduction in the Power gained and stolen, lowering the maximum swing in Power that can occur when fighting Nemesis. This allows her to continue her role as a tank shredder, but reduces her strength as a duelist.

Scales of Fate: Reduced Power Gained and Power Lost from 6% → 5%.

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