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Prince of Darkness Twitch Prime Bundle Now Available

There’s a new Twitch Prime bundle out, titled Prince of Darkness. This bundle includes the new Prince of Darkness Hades skin, avatar, loading screen, announcer pack and all previous bundles! Yep! If you missed all previous bundles, don’t worry. You can get them all in one swoop! Simply head on over to this page and make sure that your Hi-Rez and Twitch Prime accounts are linked. Then hit Claim Now (it’ll ask you to log in first) and that’s it! Log into the game (or restart it if you had it opened already) and you should receive your rewards. If that doesn’t work, try re-linking your Hi-Rez and Twitch accounts and then waiting a bit. If you still don’t receive your rewards after a day or so, contact Hi-Rez Support here.

NOTE: You only have to claim the Prince of Hades bundle to receive all other bundles as well! Simply claim the bundle and then open Smite (or restart the game if you already had it opened) and you should receive all of the loot you see below. If you have trouble receiving any of the rewards, un-link your Hi-Rez and Twitch accounts, then re-link them. Restart your game and you should receive them! If you have any other questions or issues, you can comment below and I’ll get back to you.

Prince of Darkness Bundle

  • Hades (God)
  • Prince of Darkness Hades (Skin)
  • Prince of Darkness Avatar
  • Prince of Darkness Loading Screen
  • Prince of Darkness Announcer Pack
  • All previous Twitch Prime bundles!

Gladiator Bundle

  • Thor (God)
  • Gladiator Thor (Skin)
  • Gladiator Music Theme
  • Gladiator Loading Screen
  • Gladiator Announcer Pack
  • Pyre Warrior Drogoz Skin for Paladins

Desert Dragon Bundle

  • Neith (God)
  • Desert Dragon Neith (Skin)
  • Desert Dragon Music Theme
  • Desert Dragon Loading Screen
  • Desert Dragon Jump Stamp
  • Mittens Chicken Skin for Realm Royale

King Arthur Bundle

  • King Arthur (God)
  • Deathbringer King Arthur (Skin)
  • King Arthur Cutesy Avatar
  • King Arthur Loading Screen
  • King Arthur Announcer Pack


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