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Earn Mixer Points To Use on Skins

The Mixer Store is now live in the game and I know many of you are not sure where or what it is. The Mixer Store is a store similar to the Fantasy Point Store last season, which has three skins you can purchase with Mixer Points. These three skins will rotate every patch (sound similar?), so you’ll have a variety of skins you can purchase with currency that you can earn by simply watching Mixer streams. Each skin in the Mixer Store is available for 600 Mixer Points and once you spend your points, they’re gone. When you reach 600 Mixer Points, you’ll receive the LIMITED The Crusher Cabrakan skin. Remember, purchasing one of the three rotating skins will not affect your progress towards the Cabrakan skin. Keep an eye out, because more items (like the Mixer Skadi skin) might get added the Mixer Store in the future. So how do you start the process of receiving these points? Keep reading for the steps you’ll need to take to start earning points right now.


Step 1

Make sure your Mixer and Hi-Rez accounts are linked. You can do this by heading over to this link: or by clicking the Link Accounts button in the game. It will give you a QR code which you can scan with your phone’s camera. It will give you the link above to link your accounts through your phone.

Once you log into both your Mixer and Hi-Rez accounts and link them, you’ll see a button under the Mixer tab that reads, “Unlink Account.” That means you’re good and ready for step 2.

Step 2

Find the Mixer Store so that you can keep track of your points. The Mixer Store is located in the Store. On the main menu of the game, click on Store. Once there, look at all the tabs. The Mixer tab will be located next to the Gifting tab. There, you can view your Mixer Points on the top right and the skins that are currently on rotation.

Step 3

Watch Mixer streams! You earn Mixer Points by watching Mixer streams on the official Smite Mixer channel. Here’s the link that you’ll need to bookmark and head over to once you’re ready to start earning points:

This channel will stream both pro events like the SML/SPL and community streamers. Watching these community streamers will earn you points as well. And remember to follow and support them if you enjoy what they have to offer! You’ll earn a total of 1 point every 12 minutes. That’s 5 points every hour and 120 hours you’ll spend watching streams in order to accumulate those 600 points. So, if you don’t want to miss earning any points and have to go on an errand or are at work, leave the stream on. Anyone with limited data might be out of luck on this one. If you’re watching a stream, you’ll get a notification every time you receive a point.

That’s all you really have to do. Link your Mixer and Hi-Rez accounts, then head on over to a Smite stream over at and keep track of your points. If you don’t see any points in your client, restart the game. If you’re busy with homework or playing games and so forth, leave the stream running in the background. You don’t have to have Smite open to earn the points, however, you do need to keep the stream on at all times. Remember, you’ll only earn points by watching LIVE streams. No rebroadcasts. The streams aren’t 24/7, so there will be a period of about four hours where the stream is offline. And if you decide to watch a community streamer, make conversation with them! And give them a follow if you’d like to see more of their stream. But, most importantly, be nice! Below, you can watch videos of both The Crusher Cabrakan skin and the current cycle of skins in the Mixer store. If you have any more questions, feel free to comment below or send me a DM through my Twitter.



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