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Elu’s Q&A

After Cupid, who is your favorite god?

That one is a tough one, because I’m a bit obsessed with Zhong Kui and Vamana. Does a tie count?

How do you feel about being able to buy skins like the Kuku skin after the event is over (Unlimited skins)? I feel like it makes it more rewarding when no one can buy the skin after the event is over.

At first I wasn’t 100% on this idea, however, I had to think of newcomers. People who don’t know that the game exists. If they missed out on a huge reward like Merlin’s Soulbinder skin, they can purchase it anytime they want. I think the price makes up for its availability. Are you really going to shell out so many gems for just one skin? It makes you think twice before making that decision.

In the future, are you planning to do videos on other games besides Smite?

I would love to, but I’m not that invested in other games. Plus, I don’t think the reception would be positive. I’ve done videos for Paladins before and I was planning on sticking to them (champion spotlights, etc), however, the tools for recording on Paladins at the time were lacking so I just gave up altogether. I wasn’t going to be struggling for hours just to get a few minutes of video for one champion. I already had enough on my plate with Smite. Maybe in the future when there are more tools available for creators.

When is there a gem sale in Smite?

Right now! And it ends on June 4th, so hurry.

Do you speak anything else other than English?

Yep! I’m fluent in Spanish. I’ve been wanting to reach out to the LATAM community more lately, since I realize that many follow my channel. I love watching Spanish Twitch streams as well. So if you see elufeeds in your chat, that’s me!

Who at the moment is your favorite artist/musician? Fashion icon?

Oof, that’s a difficult one. I’d say some of my favorite artists are BANKS and Rosalia. But in all honesty, my music ranges above and beyond. I listen to every genre. As long as the song clicks to me, I’ll listen to it. As for your second question, I know nothing about fashion so I’m going to say no one.

How do you feel about Persephone for Smite?

I think she’s long overdue and many of her fans will be pleased this season. She’s already been teased a whole bunch of times. Now we play the waiting game.

How are you?

I’m doing pretty good at the moment! Just ate four tacos and I’ll be full for the rest of the weekend. How about you?

When are you doing a face reveal?

I’ve done plenty. Mainly on my Instagram, which you can follow here. I’m nothing special to look at.

What’s your ethnicity and where are you from?

I am Mexican-American. My parents are Mexican and I was born and have lived my whole life in the U.S. Saludos a todos mis amigos latinos!

How do you feel about new gods in Smite? Do they look different in some aspect like they’re from a different game?

All of the new gods look amazing. The issue is the older gods, which pale in comparison to them. There’s a disconnect when you have new and older gods who are related (Isis and Horus), strutting the battlefield together. It’s not a very good look for the game.

Do you work for Hirez? Would you?

I do not work for Hi-Rez. I’m a simple content creator for the game. I am in no way associated with the company, I’m just a big fan of the game. Would I work for one of my favorite games? Definitely.

Are you close with other Smite YouTubers? If so, then who?

I’m not close with any other Smite content creators. I don’t know any of them, because I mostly like staying in my own bubble. And I’m fine with that. I know a lot of them have friendships and I’m glad that the community can come together to create content for the game.

Why don’t you upload gameplays or stream?

I mostly play arena and assault, and I’m a casual player to the extreme. There’s not much benefit from watching my gameplay. That’s one of the reasons I don’t stream either. I have before, however, I don’t find much motivation or the right schedule for it. And lastly, I’m an extremely boring person. I think I’d help you fall asleep if you’re having trouble with that though. Elu ASMR when?

Why is there a lot of drags in your posts?

Because I love Drag Race. I started off when season 8 had finished and I watched all of the seasons in backwards order. Ever since, I’ve been hooked. Plus, a lot of the community enjoys them and I’m glad that I can share that with y’all.

What god would you choose to be forever? And will the Mixer store ever change?

I’d probably be Kumbhakarna. I’m a big fan of that sleep life. Call me the Snorlax of the community if you will. As for the Mixer store, I have no idea. There’s been no indication of its rotation changing soon and I wish I had an answer for you. I will let y’all know if I find out though!

Who else runs the YouTube and website besides you and how do you feel about negative comments?

Yep! I’d say 99% of my content is all me. I’ve dedicated so much of my time towards my channel and website because I still enjoy the game and community. It can be very stressful, especially these new patch cycles where there’s so much content thrown onto the PTS at once. I’ve had many days where I don’t sleep at all or rarely eat just to finish videos and written posts. So when someone tells me, “Anyone can do this don’t feel so special.” Or tries to invalidate what I’m doing, I will clap back because some people think I just snap my fingers and everything’s ready in a few minutes. It’s not. This is a lot of work and the financial compensation barely covers my internet bill. Not that I do it for financial reasons either. If I did, I would have quit years ago. Also, if you’d like to join my website as an author, let me know through my Twitter or any other social. I’ve been trying to be more open to help recently.

Are you close to Hirez employees? Are you friends?

Same as the other question above, I am not close with any of them. I don’t talk to any Hi-Rez employees. Like I said, I’m very much in my bubble and I’m not socially adept both online and in person, so relationships don’t come easy.

Why don’t you have 100k subs?

I know, right? Nah, I’m totally kidding. I’m fine where I’m at. If people are watching my videos and it helps them in anyway or hypes them up for new content, then I’ve done my job. Sub count is a nice badge of showmanship, but it’s not my priority. If it were, I would fill my channel with meme videos or THESE TITLES!!! (not that it’s a bad thing). If you’d like to help out, just share my videos around in groups and Twitter or reddit.

What’s your favorite food or dessert? Do you like anime?

My favorite food is probably pizza because yes. And dessert, I’d go with Oreos. Everyone who knows me knows my Oreo obsession (help me). And I do like anime. I stopped watching it for a while, but I’ve recently picked it up. I’m currently watching Assassination Classroom and will move onto Demon Slayer after that.

Do you have kids?

Yes, I have two kids. Their names are Kimchi and Piggy Smalls and they are really fat and love to eat 24/7. Oh, and they’re also male guinea pigs.

How tall are you?

I think I’m 5’9″ or something.

Do you have any tattoos?

Yes, one. They’re just black birds on my left forearm that I got done in January.

Would you date me?

Uh.. hi.

What program do you use to record and edit your videos?

I use Nvidia’s Shadowplay or Share or whatever name they call it now to record my videos. It doesn’t eat up my disk storage like Fraps and the quality is still great. As for editing, I use Adobe Premiere CC 2019. I’m too used to that combination, so I don’t think I’ll be changing them anytime soon.

Thank you to everyone who sent in their questions via post or email. I didn’t want to keep this super long, so that’s the gist of everything. Eventually, I’ll make an updated Q&A video and post it on my channel, but that’s when I get comfortable in front of a camera (one day). You can follow me on Twitter, Instagram or join our Discord server if you need help with anything. Enjoy your rest of the weekend and happy playing!


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