Neo Olympia Patch Preview

There have been numerous skins teased for Smite’s next patch, Neo Olympia. The patch show for said notes will be taking place on Wednesday, May 15 over at Twitch and Mixer at 3PM ET (U.S. Time). This patch will introduce the new Battle Pass and upcoming skins from the Battle for Olympus event. Below you can see the skin teases that have been posted throughout Smite’s social media accounts.

This skin seems to be for none other than Awilix, who’s had a skin planned for a while now.

I showed the card art for this Bastet skin a while back when the Sand and Skies update hit the PTS. The name of it might be different than the Luminous title it has in the files though.

It’s a gun and laser show in this Warmaker Cerberus skin coming to the Battle Pass.

Another spoil from a while back, this Mermaid Nu Wa skin will be available in the Battle for Olympus Set chest.

Another Warmaker skin and this one’s for none other than Vulcan (Battle Pass).

Hun Batz is finally getting a skin in the form of a Howler Demon. Now all we need is some Chronos and Erlang Shen love.

July 4th is on its way and so is this Freedom Overload skin for Poseidon. Will he be riding a jet airplane and summon a muscular eagle in his ult? Let’s hope so.

King Arthur takes the form of his last name literally. Pendragon King Arthur is ready to make his debut in the patch show tomorrow.

Vamana is taking on the big leagues in his Touchdown skin. Oh hey, we have a Paladins cameo and.. Cheerleader Scylla?

It’s a panda. No, it’s a kitty. No, it’s Bacchus!

And that’s all I have for now. You can follow the Smite official Twitter account for any other teases they might post or retweet. And you can follow me on Twitter because why not? I’ll update this post if there are any other teases today and tomorrow.


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