Happy Trees Patch Notes


Version: 4.8
Release Date: May 9, 2017


Twitch and Hi-Rez Studios have teamed up to create the happiest little accident in SMITE’s history. Introducing the Bob Ross® Bundle, starring – you guessed it – Bob Ross®.

Ride atop a happy little Grover and fling paint at your enemies with the Exclusive Bob Ross® Sylvanus Skin. Plus, unlock a Loading Frame that makes all card art appear as a painting and a paint splatter Jump Stamp!

Each bundle item was created by the SMITE development team in close partnership with Twitch and the Bob Ross® estate. This bundle is our tribute to the greatness of Bob Ross® – undeniably one of the true Gods of painting.

The Bob Ross® Bundle will be available May 9 on PC/Mac and May 16 on console*.

The bundle can be purchased for 700 gems in-game or $9.99 on Twitch Commerce and includes the Bob Ross® Sylvanus skin, loading frame, and jump stamp.


Bob Ross® Sylvanus Skin (Exclusive)

Bob Ross® Jump Stamp (Exclusive)

Bob Ross® Loading Frame (Exclusive)

Bob Ross® Loading screen (Exclusive)


*Click on each image for the full resolution!
Cosmic SolSeason Ticket Reward

Voice Pack Available!

Queen’s Guard Erlang ShenWarden’s Chest

Voice Pack Available!

Vizier Thoth400 Gems

Voice Pack Available!

Honorbound Kuzenbo250 Gems

Obey Thanatos400 Gems (Bundle)


Kuzenbo Dance


Cutesy Scylla



As Ganesha, Silence 3 or more enemy Gods with a single cast of his Ohm Ability.

As Ganesha, give 1 ore more Kills to an Allied God


Snowballing has been an issue we have watched very closely since the beginning of Season 4. The strategies used at the start of the Season compared to now, shows that players have learned and adapted quite a bit. Even so, the feeling that the early game has too much impact on the whole course of the game has been consistent feedback. While we have not seen any change in total game length or overall stats to show this is true universally, we have identified a key moment in the game that can be frustrating and feel discouraging – Levels 1 and 2.

In the Duo Lane, the lane that pushes hardest, has a key advantage of being able to take the small Minions from purple and red. This causes the side that pushed harder to hit Level 2 first and take away the ability for the pushed side to similarly hit Level 2. This makes the next wave even more difficult to fight for the side that got pushed, creating a frustrating scenario.

Similarly in the Solo Lane, the Solo Laner with the higher clear is able to rush over to the Fire Elementals, taking the small ones and gaining Level 2. This makes it very difficult to contest the big one as it gets killed, and even harder to contest the second wave.

To further compound this feeling, Gold Fury is relatively easy to kill early on and has a pretty substantial reward tied to it, which means that the leading team has a high chance to take the Gold Fury early and really rocket themselves ahead.

While we see players are able to come back from these scenarios, it can feel devastating and demoralizing to have such a hill to climb off the first few moments of the game. To counteract this, we are adjusting the Experience needed to reach Level 2 to from 308 to 225. What this means is that the first wave of Minions, even when split by 2 players, will provide those players with enough Experience to hit Level 2. Gold Fury is also becoming a bit more difficult and the early game reward toned down to lessen the lead that an early Gold Fury can provide.

We understand this will have wide reaching implications from how players prioritize pressuring lanes, where they will want to start on the map, and the individual power of each God. We are placing this change onto the 4.8 PTS, but it will not go live in 4.8. We are using the PTS as a testing ground for this change as we gather feedback and make adjustments. If all goes well this could see a release in 4.9.

This change is only being tested on the 4.8 PTS and will NOT go live with 4.8 on Tuesday. After the PTS phase we will be going through the feedback on these changes. If all goes well these adjustments may go live in 4.9.

Player Experience Levels

  • Decreased the amount of Experience needed to go from Level 1 to Level 2 from 308 → 225.
  • Increased the amount of Experience needed to go from Level 2 to Level 3 from 363 → 430.
  • Increased the amount of Experience needed to go from Level 3 to Level 4 from 418 → 434.

Gold Fury Adjustments

  • Increased Base Health from 2250 → 2550.
  • Decreased Bonus Health per Minute from 280 → 270.
  • Decreased Base Gold Worth from 190 → 150.
  • Increased Base Gold Worth per Minute from 8 → 10.


Emperor’s Armor
Emperor’s Armor provides a unique source of strength outside of the standard protection auras. While potent, it was not providing enough base protections or strength on defense to justify picking up up. We are increasing both of these aspects.

Increased Physical Protections from 30 → 40.
Increased Passive Allied Tower Attack Speed Buff from 30% → 40%.

Hastened Fatalis
Removing Basic Attack penalty is a powerful effect. Hastened Fatalis allows for amazing chasing power, juke potential, and overall is just a fun Item. On the flipside, when this is included almost universally in Hunter Builds, it can become very frustrating. We are shifting this Item from a cheap and core Item to a more expensive and luxury Item.

Increased Cost from 2300g → 2600g.
Increased Attack Speed from 20% → 25%.

Phantom Veil

Fixed an issue where it would make Isis’ wings invisible.

Shogun’s Kusari
Shogun’s change is similar to Emperor’s Armor. It can greatly increase your team’s ability to be aggressive but its cost and stats did not allow for players to pick this up over other core aura items. We are reducing the cost and increasing the strength of the aura to provide more options for players who want to support their team.

Decreased Cost from 2400g → 2200g.
Decreased Magical Protections from 60 → 50.
Increased Attack Speed Aura from 15% → 25%.


Ares wants to fight often and early. With one of the lowest base protections of other Guardians he struggles with the damage from minions that comes with this playstyle. A minor increase in his Base Physical Protections will help him be more effective and less prone to an early death.

Increased Base Physical Protection from 17 → 20.


Cat Call: Updated the description to include better information about the satas for this pet.

Chronos bides his time in most games, waiting for the right combination of items and power to become the late game force he is known for being. We are increasing his ability to get to that stage of the game with some targeted buffs to his Early game. Stop Time will deal a bit more damage to assist with Wave Clear and early poke. Rewind is also seeing a Cooldown Reduction in the early stages of the game. This increases both his safety in lane but also gives him more opportunities to be a play maker.

Stop Time: Increased Base Damage from 40/60/80/100/120 → 50/70/90/110/130.

Rewind: Decreased Cooldown from 120/110/100/90/80s → 100/95/90/85/80s.


Dharmic Pillars:
Fixed an issue where this Ultimate had an inconsistent hitbox.
Fixed an issue where this Ultimate would deal damage to players who changed height inside the Ultimate.


Blights: Fixed an issue where Blight had no duration on the Debuff Icon.

Fade Away often sits at rank one for most of the game. At 90 mana early on, this was fairly punishing. We are reducing it to a flat value at all ranks to free up some resources for Izanami.

Fade Away: Decreased Mana Cost from 90/85/80/75/70 → 70 at all Ranks.

For those waiting for a Jing Wei buff, we gotchu fam. Agility serves as Jing Wei’s primary positioning Ability. With the removal of “Fatalis” from this Ability, Jing Wei suffered in overall combat effectiveness. We are reintroducing her Ability to fight with Agility by giving her bonus Power and Movement Speed for a short duration after it is used. This effect is made more powerful when used from the air. Jing Wei players will now need to balance saving this escape tool or using it to be aggressive.

Adjusted Cooldown from 20/19/18/17/16s → 18/18/17/17/16s at all Ranks.
Now provides 10/15/20/25/30/ Physical Power and 20% Movement Speed on use. This effect is increased to 20/25/30/35/40 Physical Power and 30% Movement Speed when used while in the air.

Kukulkan had the opposite situation to Izanami. Whirlwind was an ability you wanted to max as early as possible. At 110 Mana cost, this would often be maxed before a high mana or MP5 item could be built. This limited what Kukulkan could do in the early to mid game so we are reducing it to 90 mana at it’s max rank.

Whirlwind: Decreased Mana Cost from 70/80/90/100/110 → 70/75/80/85/90.


NeNe Kappa: Updated the description to include better information about the satas for this pet.


Clay Soldiers: Updated the description to include better information about the sats for this pet.


Astral Barrage: Updated the description of this Ability with the correct radius.

Ravana gained a large amount of power through the changes to his ultimate in 4.6. Having 50% damage reduction from all sources and dealing 10% increased damage to any target hit gave him powerful initiation and brawling potential. A bit too powerful. We are reducing the Damage Reduction to 40% and toning down the early Ranks of 10-Hand Shadow Fist to bring his early game and teamfight power down.

10-Hand Shadow Fist: Decreased Base Damage from 120/155/190/225/260 → 100/140/180/220/260.

Mystic Rush:
Corrected the description of this Ability to state it lasts for 5 seconds at all Ranks.
Decreased Damage Reduction from 50% → 40%.

Serqet is a jungler with many options. With high clear and a strong fight, she can choose between engaging on a target with her whole kit or look for trades before escaping. We wanted to tone down both of these situation. Catalyst’s 2 Poison proc is being reduced back to Season 3 levels, while the 3 Poison proc is retaining its Season 4 power. In situations where she only half commits her total burst will be reduced. Additionally, Last Breath is seeing a decrease in damage in the Early game reducing her total damage when she fully commits.

Catalyst: Decreased Bonus Damage from 2 Poisons from 15% → 10% of the Targets Maximum Health.

Last Breath: Adjusted Damage from 228/342/456/570/684 → 210/330/450/570/690.

The Monkey King has long been a solid pick, but didn’t bring enough to the table to finish out a game. We are increasing the Physical Power scaling he gets on two of his core abilities. Similar to the changes we made to Osiris in 4.3 , this should open up Sun Wukong’s build paths and allow him to be more effective during the mid and late stages of the game.

Magic Cudgel: Increased Physical Power Scaling from 50% → 60%.

Master’s Will: Increased Physical Power Scaling from 50% → 65%.

Terra has seen a resurgence at the competitive level. With stronger burst damage from Monolith and the ability for teams to choose when to fight or run with Terra’s Blessing she was incredibly contested during the Masters LAN. We are reducing the burst of speed her Ultimate provides to better allow her opponents to react the ultimate’s activation.

Terra’s Blessing: Decreased Movement Speed Buff from 30% → 20%.


Confusion: Fixed The Morrigan’s clone using Nox’s Icon.

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