Issues With This Week’s Odyssey

The reward for buying 12 Odyssey items was a SMITE comic. And although the idea was unique and intriguing, the execution wasn’t. Problems arose as people had to sign up to an external site to read the comic which allowed for those who didn’t buy Odyssey items to read it for free. As of currently, Hi-Rez is working on a fix for this issue and is even offering a free Divine Chest roll for those who buy the 12th Odyssey item. More from Hi-Rez Scott below:

Hey all! We were excited about making a quality story (3-part) for our fans. Obviously the comic roll-out has been a mess, and there is currently an issue allowing access to anyone.

Given the current state of things, we’re going to be giving a free Divine Chest to anyone who unlocks the comic book reward.

More information should be coming later today on that, as we work through these issues. ><

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