PTS 4.1 Hotfix – Round 3 Patch Notes

We have continued to make adjustments to what we have seen overperform on the PTS. This will be our final round of balance before 4.1 hits. We will watch as players on live begin to develop and unlock strategies and will be ready to make heavy adjustments in 4.2 if necessary.


Divine Ruin

Decreased Magical Penetration from 15 → 10.

8-Pointed Shuriken

Decreased Crit Strike Chance from 15% → 10%.

Poisoned Star

Decreased Physical Power from 40 → 30.

Traveler/Talaria Shoes
Talaria/Traveler shoes will now only proc on damaging abilities. This is to resolve some core bugs that were occurring. We know this will negatively affect some characters with non-damaging CC abilities, and we will watch those characters closely to see if this becomes an issue.

The effect that gains bonus gold will now only trigger if an enemy is damaged, rather than hit.

Spectral Armor

Increase cost from 1900g → 2100g.

War Flag

Increased buff duration from 3s → 6s.
Now caps at 10 stacks.

Shaman’s Ring

Decreased passive healing and mana restore from 3% → 2% of max.


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