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Season 8 Announcement Recap

New Gods

Tiamat and Gilgamesh are joining the battleground as part of the Babylonian pantheon. Tiamat will be a stance switcher who can summon creatures to help her. Gilgamesh is more than likely a warrior. Tiamat will be released in February and Gilgamesh will follow in April.

Flying Stance
Ground Stance
Summoned creature.
Gilgamesh Concept Art

Season 8 Map

There’s a new season 8 map that will be shaped in Tiamat’s image. Duo and solo lane will receive a new camp: the scorpions. The totem will remain, however, the jungle shrine will be removed. The Greater Scorpion will spawn in the Gold Fury or Fire Giant locations. Once slain from the Gold Fury location, it will relocate somewhere else. This scorpion will increase the benefits from jungle buffs.

Season 8 Lane
Gates will be available on each side of the map when walking out of the fountain. You have to walk on the pad to open the doors. You can blink/jump over these.
The map will receive theme changes that will reflect future gods.

New Battle Pass

A new battle pass is coming and it features all goddesses! The battle pass will be cyberpunk themed and include skins for Aphrodite, Kali, Pele and Yemoja.


Ranked Rewards & Commendation

The skin ranked rewards were revealed for Season 7 AND Season 8! Midgardian Macaque Hun Batz is the Season 7 ranked reward skin and Crash Test Janus will be Season 8 reward! We finally have a commendation reward and it’s going to none other than Ganesha. The white and gold theme from the Baron commendation reward is back in Pure Heart Ganesha.

Midgardian Macaque Hun Batz – Season 7 Ranked Reward
Crash Test Janus – Season 8 Ranked Reward
Pure Heart Ganesha – Commendation Reward

Future Skins & Reworks

Sobek will be receiving a visual update. There’s another god that will also receive a visual update this season, however, we don’t know who it is yet. Janus will receive some minor changes to his abilities while Persephone and Bastet will have reworks. Persephone will see a rework to decrease her frustration during pro-play while increasing her casual performance. Bastet will receive a new passive and ultimate. On the skins area, Zhong Kui, Vamana and other gods who haven’t received a skin in a long time are finally getting some love! Here’s the list below from the patch notes.

  • Artwork already started (definitely happening)
    • Cerberus
    • Baron Samedi
    • Kuzenbo
    • Serqet
    • Erlang Shen
    • Kali
    • Vamana
    • Zhong Kui
    • Thoth
  • Planned, but not started (likely happening)
    • Chronos
    • Sylvanus
Sobek Visual Update

Future Gods

We’re receiving six gods this year again. Tiamat is coming on patch 8.2 and Gilgamesh in 8.4. The rest of the gods and goddesses were teased in the video below. Who do you think it will be?

Season Pass

A new season pass is arriving this season. This pass will include the same cosmetics and gems as the previous one, including a human version of Anubis. The Pass will be $39.99 and include the following:

  • Season Pass 2021 – $39.99 USD, Includes the following items:
    • 1000 Gems
    • Grand Magus Anubis Skin – Limited
    • Grand Magus Loading Screen – Limited
    • Tyrant Title
    • Provides the following for each new god in 2021 as they are released:
      • Unlocks gods for gameplay if you do not already own the Ultimate God Pack
      • Base recolor
      • New Limited recolor
      • Voice pack
      • Wave and Clap Emotes
Grand Magus Anubis – Limited

Role Trading

You’ll now be able to trade your assigned roles during god select. You can only trade with one player at a time and there is a 10 second cooldown between requests.

New Event & Chest

A new event titled Dawn of Babylon will hit the January 26 patch. Baba Yaga, Ymir, Erlang Shen, and Nu wa will all have skins drop on this date while Neith and Kumbhakarna will have their skins in the Valentine’s Chest.

Patch Notes

The season 8 patch will go live on January 26. PTS will be up this weekend, January 8-10 on PC and for the first time, Playstation and Xbox. More info on that when TitanForge releases it. You can read the rest of the patch notes here: Season 8 Patch Notes


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