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    PTS 4.1 Hotfix – Round 2 Patch Notes

    Start Timer Game now starts at -1:00 instead of -1:30. Minions still spawn at 0:00s. Jungle Camps still spawn at 0:30s. Jungle Camps Throughout the first seasons of Smite there was an unintended effect where jungle camps would scale their health over time differently depending on if they were dead or not. This has been […] More

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    Take Me to the Ball Giveaway

    Thanks to Hi-Rez, I’ve got a new batch of codes to give away! One of the patch 3.14 skin codes for Enchanted Chang’e, Lord of Silence Osiris and Firma Terra could be yours with three easy steps. By liking the SMITE HQ Facebook page and YouTube channel, you’ll be entered for a chance to win […] More

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    The Indomitable Spirit Patch Notes

    XING TIAN, THE RELENTLESS   Hear the legends of the headless warrior from the East. Long ago, three Emperors warred for supremacy of a young nation. Barely clinging to dominance, the Flame Emperor deployed his greatest general, the warrior-poet Xing Tian. Xing Tian returned to his lord in defeat, but with his spirit unbroken. He […] More