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    Wings of Victory Patch Notes

    Version: 3.23 Release Date: December 6, 2016     It is often said that history is written by the victor. If that is true, then history is shaped by a single Goddess: Nike, the winged warrior. When the fastest runner bears a golden medal, when a cunning hunter slays the fiercest beast, when the soldiers […] More

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    Fernando Ares Now Available

    Fernando Ares is now available through a cross-promotion with Paladins. Purchase the Paladins Founder’s Pack ($19.99) and you’ll receive the skin automatically. If you owned the Founder’s Pack prior to the Fernando Ares release, you’ll receive the skin as well. How to attain: 1.) Head on over to 2.) Make sure you’re logged in […] More

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    Datamine: New Ravana Skin, Upcoming Skins & Gods, …MORE

    Two cards for an MMA skin for Ravana, one featuring a beard and red skin while the other is clean-shaven and purple. There’s also icons in the patch, however, they’re just black. These Ravana skins will be available in an MMA bundle.   Behold the Chiron icon and card! Thanks Hi-Rez. (Yes, these are in […] More