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    Datamine: New Apollo Skin, Chests, and More

    A sneak peek of both upcoming God’s abilities, Jingwei and Susano-o. Susano-o PASSIVE: For each trained ability past the first that is off of cooldown, Susano-o gets additional movement speed. Fickle Headwinds: Susano-o summons a hurricane at his location that begins stationary and relatively small. Susano-o may reactivate this ability to launch the storm forward, […] More

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    Datamine: New Cards, Ares Skin, and Jingwei

    All new cards for the PS4 skins: Kuku4, C4codem Ymir and World’s Collide Odin. Additionally, a new Paladins-themed skin for Ares, Fernando (yes, the Paladins character). Lastly, a placeholder for Skadi’s card, which is out of this world!     The god after Susanoo seems to be Jingwei from Chinese mythology. Jingwei   The Rascal […] More

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    Datamine: Upcoming Skins, Recolors, Easter Event

    This patch’s files contain various cards for upcoming skins for Bellona, Sol, Rama, Ra, Awilix, Mercury and Chaac. The rest are recolors of what could possibly be new rewards or variations of palettes for select skins that will go on sale. Who knows? Rockstar Raijin Cupid Nu Wa Ares Xing Tian Bellona Skin Hinduman Announcer […] More

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    Datamine: New Skins for Nemesis, Khepri, …MORE.

    SKINS All new cards for the new Nemesis and Khepri skins. This post is still being updated.   Leona JPF Nemesis HOW TO UNLOCK: Download Hi-Rez’s mobile game, Jetpack Fighter, HERE, link your Hi-Rez account to the game and you’ll unlock Nemesis. After doing so, make sure to unlock the playable character, Leona, and you’ll […] More

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    Datamine: New Mercury Skin, Japanese God Ability Icons, Season 3 Items, …MORE

    GODS The new God will be Japanese (from the new pantheon). The passive currently has a placeholder and his/her name is labeled as God72. The ability icons for abilities 1-4 are below. There’s also a placeholder image for this God’s card.     SKINS A card showed up featuring the Shaolin Fury Mercury skin. Additional […] More

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    Datamine: New Chronos, Khepri, & Thor Skins, …MORE

    The all-new PTS patch brings us a look at upcoming skins for Chronos, Khepri and the final Odyssey Tier 5 reward skin, Ragnarok Force X Thor.   SKINS Ragnarok Force X Thor (Default and Mech)   Father Time Chronos   Robot Khepri   Chiron   WARDS Lucky Cat Ward   CHESTS   Child’s Play Chest […] More

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    Datamine: New Skins For Ah Puch, Scylla, Janus and Bellona

    New skins, including two Christmas-themed ones for Scylla and Ah Puch (yes, another skin for Ah Puch). SKINS   Ba5s Drop Janus   Child’s Play Scylla   Nutcromancer Ah Puch   Furiona Bellona (Mad Max/Furiosa)     Other Skins:   Mercury Thor   GODS Below are Chiron’s ability icons. Subject to change.   CHESTS Holiday […] More

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    Datamine: New Ravana Skin, Upcoming Skins & Gods, …MORE

    Two cards for an MMA skin for Ravana, one featuring a beard and red skin while the other is clean-shaven and purple. There’s also icons in the patch, however, they’re just black. These Ravana skins will be available in an MMA bundle.   Behold the Chiron icon and card! Thanks Hi-Rez. (Yes, these are in […] More

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    Datamine: iDusa, Dragon Knight Ao Kuang and More…

    Four skin cards found so far in today’s patch. Icons for iDus and Ragnatoskr were teased in the previous Datamining post. Voice packs for them and Dragon King Ao Kuang (card pictured below) are also in today’s PTS patch for mining. I will post them later but feel free to look for them elsewhere (still […] More

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    Datamine: Khepri & Inuki Announcer Packs, New Chaac, Loki, Medusa & Ratatoskr Skins, Sol Ability Icons

    The new God is not Charon, but Chiron. Centaur archer incoming! Image Source: Centar Mania!   All new skin card for Chaac appeared in today’s PTS patch. The skin pertains to the LATAM 2015 Cup (as shown on his shield). No word on how to earn it yet.   Portrait for the above Chaac card […] More

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    Datamine: Kuku Kukulkan & Space Nu Wa Cards, Voice Pack

    Space Nu Wa was revealed a while back with her Voice Pack being datamined about 3 weeks ago. Her card is now in today’s PTS patch, as well as a Kuku Kukulkan Pokemon-themed (Rayquaza) skin. Both card and voice pack for Kuku’s new skin are up (with awesome Pokemon references). No mention of when these […] More