2016 Season Ticket Rewards

UPDATED: 09/02/16

We now have a sneak peek at the rewards for the 2016 Season Ticket. Keep in mind that some items might be missing, with more rewards to be added at a later date, specifically early next month (March).

How can I get my hands on these delicious rewards?
The Fantasy Points system will work similarly to last year’s. The Season Ticket will cost 450 Gems, giving you a loading frame and the SPL Bellona skin, similar to Xbalanque’s last year. Equipping the frame will earn you Fantasy Points for each win on any game mode. Correction: You won’t have to equip the frame to earn FP. You can equip any loading frame you want and still earn them! However, if you want to get your hands on the rewards without spending hours grinding, you’ll have to dish out 300 Gems for every 500 Fantasy Points. Bundles for eSports teams will also be available and include FP.

The Enigma chest is a random roll at any non-exclusive item in the game. Could be a 600 gem skin, could be an emote.

The Undying Chest is a random roll at one of 6 skins: Last Commando Rama, Adjudicator, Crimson Ops, White Death, Silent Blade, and Aurum. Note that there are only TWO of these rolls currently available. We’ll add more as we expand Season Ticket during the year.

And that’s a key point – we will be adding more content into Season Ticket as the year progresses, at higher Fantasy Point values.

We currently have at least 2 more skins dedicated in our schedule for Season Ticket, and a slew of other items. One skin is a Tier 4 skin. They will be direct point unlocks, not in the Undying chest. We don’t have concepts yet, but we have the dev time reserved.

Our next update for Season Ticket is currently planned for after Dreamhack, our mid-year event SPL event.

BIG DISCLAIMER: When we talk about patches that far out dates can (and usually do) change. We are planning to add the content, but it’s possible it comes sooner or later – just depends.

The Ticket Upgrade (5000) adds an additional way to earn Fantasy Points, through getting a certain number of correct SPL picks per week.

I hope this clears up some of the confusion! @HirezScott

  • Sunstar Ra (skin)1000 FP
  • Which Came First? (avatar)1500 FP
  • Enigma Chest (chest)2000 FP
  • 2016 Season Ticket Loading Frame2500 FP
  • Enigma Chest (chest)3000 FP
  • Undying Chest (Rama skin)3500 FP
  • Good Game (global emote)4000 FP
  • Hinduman (announcer pack)4500 FP
  • Ticket Upgrade5000 FP
  • Enigma Chest (chest)5500 FP
  • Peeper Ward Skin6000 FP
  • Enigma Chest (chest)6500 FP
  • Undying Chest (chest)7000 FP
  • Divine Action Theme Music Pack7500 FP
  • Enigma Chest (chest)8000 FP
  • Vicious Apollo (skin)8500 FP
  • Undying Chest (chest)9000 FP
  • Sun Wu Xing (skin)10,000 FP
  • Undying Chest (chest)11,000 FP
  • Enigma Chest (chest)12,000 FP
  • Prize Money (global emote)13,000 FP
  • Adanas (announcer pack)14,000 FP
  • Enigma Chest (chest)15,000 FP
  • Griffindwarf (skin)16,000 FP
  • Undying Chest (chest)17,000 FP
  • Undying Chest (chest)20,000 FP



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