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Neo Olympia PREMIUM Battle Pass Rewards

Below are the rewards which you can earn after purchasing the Premium Battle Pass for 600 Gems or 1,200 Gems for a 20 level head start. You can view the free rewards without having to purchase the pass in this post. You can also view the new Neo Olympia Premium rewards in the video here.

LEVEL 1Warmaker Vulcan
LEVEL 22x Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 310 Gems
LEVEL 45% Battle Pass Boost
LEVEL 5Enigma Chest
LEVEL 6Neo Olympia Loading Frame
LEVEL 720 Gems
LEVEL 8250 Favor
LEVEL 92x Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 10Team Skin Booster
LEVEL 11Enigma Chest
LEVEL 12150 Favor
LEVEL 13Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 14100 Favor
LEVEL 1510 Gems
LEVEL 16Eat Me! Global Emote
LEVEL 175% Battle Pass Boost
LEVEL 18Enigma Chest
LEVEL 192x Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 20Powersurge Awilix
LEVEL 21Cutesy Chest
LEVEL 22Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 2320 Gems
LEVEL 24N00B Death Mark
LEVEL 25250 Favor
LEVEL 265% Battle Pass Boost
LEVEL 27Enigma Chest
LEVEL 282x Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 2920 Gems
LEVEL 30Solarus Avatar
LEVEL 31250 Favor
LEVEL 32Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 335% Battle Pass Boost
LEVEL 34Enigma Chest
LEVEL 3520 Gems
LEVEL 36Neo Olympia Pedestal
LEVEL 372x Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 38Enigma Chest
LEVEL 3915 Gems
LEVEL 40Data Dealer Da Ji
LEVEL 41Enigma Chest
LEVEL 42Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 4315 Gems
LEVEL 445% Battle Pass Boost
LEVEL 45Neo Olympia Ward Skin
LEVEL 46250 Favor
LEVEL 47Enigma Chest
LEVEL 482x Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 4915 Gems
LEVEL 502x Team Skin Boosters
LEVEL 515% Battle Pass Boost
LEVEL 5220 Gems
LEVEL 532x Voice Pack Team Booster
LEVEL 54Glitch Recall Skin
LEVEL 552x Battle Points Booster
LEVEL 5620 Gems
LEVEL 57Enigma Chest
LEVEL 58250 Favor
LEVEL 5915 Gems
LEVEL 60Warmaker Cerberus


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Neo Olympia FREE Battle Pass Rewards

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