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    Valentine’s Weekend

    This weekend you have a choice to play alone or with others and reap in rewards! Earn double EXP, favor and worshippers for playing this weekend. Play alone (solo queue) and you’ll also receive the Forever Alone Avatar. If you play in a party of two or more, you’ll instead obtain the Always Mine Avatar. […] More

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    Summer of SMITE 2016

    Summer of SMITE is almost here! With it come Summer-themed skins for Khepri, Bellona, Nu Wa, Jing Wei, Sobek, Freya and Medusa! Additionally, enjoy rewards for purchasing a set amount of Summer of SMITE items! This event lasts until August 30th! Rock-A-Bellona – 400 Gems Chef’s Special Khepri – 400 Gems Land Shark Sobek – […] More