Summer of SMITE 2016

Summer of SMITE is almost here! With it come Summer-themed skins for Khepri, Bellona, Nu Wa, Jing Wei, Sobek, Freya and Medusa! Additionally, enjoy rewards for purchasing a set amount of Summer of SMITE items! This event lasts until August 30th!

Items Ribbon
SOS Items

Rock-A-Bellona400 Gems
Chef’s Special Khepri400 Gems
Land Shark Sobek600 400 Gems
Ace/Challenger Nu Wa400 Gems (Bundle)
Pool Party Jing Wei – 400 Gems
Floaticorn Ward – 300 Gems
Get Served Freya – 400 Gems
Olympian Music Theme – 200 Gems
TOTAL: 2,900 Gems

Rewards Ribbon
Enigma Chest – Earned with Every Purchase
Tropical Paradise Loading Frame – Two Item Bonus
Merdusa Pedestal – Four Item Bonus
Fdot Announcer Pack – Six Item Bonus
Sea Maiden Medusa – Eight Item Bonus
Rock out by the beach, or enjoy a gourmet lobster dinner. It’s up to you this Summer of SMITE, with eight Exclusive, Summery items released weekly through Aug. 16. And for every two Summer of SMITE items you buy, you’ll get a bonus Limited item free — look out for mermaids!
*All dates are for PC. Console coming Mid-July.

Arena Ribbon
Great Games
The arena is now a stadium for the Great Games! Race around the arena on a running track and earn gems through exclusive quests!
Source: Summer of SMITE Promo


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