Datamine: Khepri & Inuki Announcer Packs, New Chaac, Loki, Medusa & Ratatoskr Skins, Sol Ability Icons

The new God is not Charon, but Chiron. Centaur archer incoming!
Image Source: Centar Mania!
All new skin card for Chaac appeared in today’s PTS patch. The skin pertains to the LATAM 2015 Cup (as shown on his shield). No word on how to earn it yet.

Portrait for the above Chaac card named “T_Chaac_Dead_Icon”.
Chaac Icon
An icon featuring Medusa titled “T_Medusa_SciFi_Icon” (or iDusa) is in the files. The skin seems inspired by the Terminator franchise. (500 Gems)
Medusa SciFi Skin
Another icon popped up, titled “T_Ratatoskr_Fenrir_Icon” (or Ragnatoskr), featuring Ratatoskr in a Fenrir costume. Skins hype! (600 Gems)
Ratatoskr Fenrir Skin

Yet another skin on its way. This one looks like another Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) skin, similar to Chaac’s above, for Loki. This one is named “T_Loki_Dead_Icon” in the files. (400 Gems – Halloween Chest)
Loki Day of the Dead Skin
Khepri’s announcer pack is also in today’s patch. No word on how to earn it either, though it might be added to the Fantasy Points rewards like Swagni and Nox were previously or sold during upcoming Odyssey event.

Sol’s (upcoming God) ability icons (the Passive is a placeholder) were revealed in today’s patch.

A portrait shows up for Sol (uhh…).
Announcer pack featuring YouTuber Inuki (from Inuki TV).


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