Datamine: Erlang Shen & Fafnir, Upcoming Skin for Chiron, …MORE


Chiron is receiving a Canadian-themed skin, where he’s turned into a moose! Take a look at the card art and listen to his voice pack below for Constable Moosejaw Chiron.

Constable Moosejaw Chiron


The following gods are expected to receive new skins in future patches! Reminder: There is no set timeframe for new content.

  • Aphrodite
  • Ravana
  • Sobek
  • Ullr



Erlang Shen (Chinese) will be the next God after Fafnir! There’s a small description to who he is.

Description: Known also as Yang Jian in some texts, Erlang Shen is a nephew to the Jade Emperor himself. In the middle of his forehead rests his third eye, which sees truth. He is accompanied by the Howling Celestial Dog – Xiao Tian Quan – who chases away evil spirits. He is also known as the second son god, as Er Lang also means second son.

Fafnir is able to go into dragon form and his abilities will different depending on the form he takes (human or dragon).

Passive: Fafnir gains 4 bonus gold from all sources. Fafnir also gains bonus protections based on the amount of gold he is currently holding, maxing out at 30 Protections at 1,000 gold in hand.

1st Ability: Fafnir hurls his cursed hammer forward. The hammer passes through minions and stops at the first god hit, dealing damage. If a god is hit, they are stunned for 1s and a pulse of cursed energy emanates out from them, slowing nearby enemies for 3s. In dragon form, this ability deals increased damage over time and the curse shreds protections in addition to the slow.

2nd Ability: Fafnir coerces an ally into fighting harder, boosting their power and attack speed for 5s while healing himself. While in dragon form, this ability has a larger area of effect and can buff multiple allies.

3rd Ability: Fafnir leaps to a target location and executes a despicable strike, dealing damage and disarming enemies it hits. In dragon form, Fafnir can leap much further, and grabs the closest enemy in his jaws upon landing, dealing additional damage and stunning the target.

Ultimate: Fafnir lets his curse consume him, and transforms into a terrifying dragon. On activation, Fafnir becomes immune and nearby enemies become feared and poisoned, taking damage every second for 3s. Fafnir remains in dragon form for 30s after activation. While in this form, his abilities and basic attacks have additional effects.


  • Egypt V2 (Domination) might be coming back (stay tuned).
  • Viking Siege might be an updated version of the map, as it was being worked on before. There’s also mentions of Viking demons and minions.


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