Double/Triple Worshipers and XP With Friends This Weekend

UPDATE: The event has been extended through Monday, October 5th due to network issues for Xbox One and PC!
There’s a whole lot of boosts coming our way this weekend. Party up with a friend and earn double worshipers and EXP. Party up with TWO or more friends (that makes a party of 3 or more) and earn TRIPLE the EXP/Worshipers. But that’s not all. Every first First Win of the Day (three boosts total earned from Fri-Sun) will earn you a 3-day booster. Achieve 5 First Wins of the Day and earn a free Odyssey chest roll. I’ll give you a moment to gather yourself and breathe.

This event will be available for both PC and Xbox One!

Friday, October 2 – Sunday October 4

  • Party of 2: Double Worshipers/XP
  • Party of 3 or more: Triple Worshipers/XP
  • First Win of the Day: 3 Day Booster each day
  • First 5 Wins of the Day unlock Odyssey Chest Roll

Source: Official Announcement


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