The Odyssey Comes to a Close Soon

The Odyssey is coming to a close next Tuesday. At 4:01 am (EST) on January 12th, exclusive and limited Odyssey items will be no more. The Xbox One Odyssey will end shortly after with an Xbox patch. Limited items like Dragon King Ao Kuang and Ragnarok Force X Thor will never be available again, although exclusive items may come back in other events and chests.

Limited Items (Will never be sold again.)

  • King of the Ring Ravana
  • We are the Ward Ward Skin
  • Dragon Knight Ao Kuang
  • Beat-Box Pedestal
  • Ragnorak Force X Thor

Exclusive Items (Might show up again in the future.)

  • Kuku Kukulkan
  • Sky Dragon Avatar
  • Nu Horizons Nu Wa
  • Chinese Lantern Global Emote
  • Rock from Bisrakh Ravana
  • iDusa Medusa
  • Inuki/Khepri Announcer Pack
  • Ragnatoskr Ratatoskr
  • Jungle Gnome Ward Skin
  • Ba5s Drop Janus
  • Furiona Bellona
  • Sakura TV Avatar
  • Steel Scarab Khepri
  • Japanese Bundle

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