Fatal Awakening Patch Notes


Version: 3.16
Release Date: August 30, 2016



As Izanami gave birth to the god of Fire, his searing skin scorched her flesh. Fearful she would die, her husband, Izanagi, the man with whom she had created the world, held her close and wept. But it was too late. So grievous were the wounds, Izanami succumbed to death.

To rescue her soul, Izanagi traveled to Yomi, the realm of darkness and death. Through the black maze he searched, until finally he came upon her, hidden amongst the shadows. He implored her to return with him. She could not, for she had already eaten the fruit that grew in Yomi. Izanagi insisted. He would not leave her in this place. He swore it.

Izanami agreed to take her husband to see the Gods of Yomi, to implore them to free her. Meanwhile, remain in darkness, she cautioned him, for the realm of the dead was not meant for the living to see. Taken by foreboding, Izanagi lit a torch and laid eyes upon his wife. No longer the graceful, elegant beauty she once was, Izanami now appeared a rotting corpse, hollow and decayed, maggot ridden and foul. Frightened and disgusted, Izanagi broke his vow and fled.

Through the bowels of Yomi he ran, pursued by the fiend that was once his wife. Escaping the cave entrance, Izanagi rolled a boulder in place to block it. Sealed within, betrayed and cursed, consumed with wrathful anger, Izanami swore, one thousand lives would she take each day. One thousand to pay for the broken promise he made.

Since then, Izanami has kept her vow, each day reaching beyond the grave to pull souls to Yomi. But war has broken the boulder that once kept her sealed away, and Izanami has emerged, cold and lifeless, but burning with a vengeance against all that lives. One thousand souls will not be enough.


Death Draws Nigh
Passive: Death Draws Nigh
The closer Izanami gets to death, the more powerful she becomes. Izanami gains 4% Physical Penetration for each 15% of her Health that is missing, up to a maximum of 20%.

Penetration per Stack: 4%
Max Stacks: 5

Sickle Storm
Sickle Storm
For 6s, Izanami throws her kama sickles even faster and more furiously. While active, they no longer return to her but instead do 100% of her Basic Attack damage plus additional bonus damage. She may reactivate this ability to revert to her normal Basic Attacks.

Attack Speed: 55/60/65/60/75%
Bonus Damage: 5/10/15/20/25
Cost: 60/65/70/75/80
Cooldown: 10s

Spectral Projection
Spectral Projection
Izanami sends forth a demonic visage of herself to strike down her enemies, damaging and Slowing all Enemies in a line. If an Enemy God is killed while slowed by this ability, future uses of the slow will be increased by 6% per kill up to twice, for a maximum of 30%.

Damage: 60/115/165/215/265 (+90% of your Physical Power)
Slow: 18% + 6% per Kill (Max 30%)
Slow Duration: 2/2.25/2.5/2.75/3s
Cost: 70 at all ranks
Cooldown: 16/15/14/13/12s

Fade Away
Fade Away
Izanami descends into the underworld, becoming Stealthed, before leaping away from her current position. Firing a damaging Ability or Basic Attack breaks her Stealth.

Duration: 3/3.5/4/4.5/5s
Cost: 90/85/80/75/70
Cooldown: 20/19/18/17/16s

Dark Portal
Dark Portal (Ultimate)
Izanami summons a dark portal which Damages and Silences all Enemies in range.

Damage: 250/340/430/520/610 (+120% of your Physical Power)
Duration: 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5s
Cost: 100 at all ranks
Cooldown: 80s



Dark Matron Izanami
Dark Matron Izanami


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Bun Bun NoxMid-Autumn Chest

Bun Bun Nox
Voice Pack Available!

Hoot ‘N Holler BacchusExclusive

Hoot n Holler Bacchus
Voice Pack Available!

Griffindwarf FafnirFinal Season Ticket Reward

Griffindwarf Fafnir
Voice Pack Available!

Deathcap Sylvanus250 Gems

Deathcap Sylvanus
Oktoberfest Nu WaExclusive

Oktoberfest Nu Wa
Voice Pack Available!




Where's My Kitties
Where’s My Kitties?
As Bastet, release 45 cats using your Ultimate in a single match.
Cat Scratch
Cat Scratch
As Bastet, deliver the killing blow to an enemy God in a single match with the damage from your cats.

Stay There
Stay There
As Kumba, root three or more enemy gods with one Groggy Strike.
Down Set Gut
Down, Set, Gut
As Kumba, kill an enemy God by bouncing a minion into them using Throwback.

My Hips Don't Lie
My Hips Don’t Lie
As Chang’e, evade an enemy ability using Moonlight Waltz that would have hit you for 500 damage or more.
Jade, Go
Jade Go
As Chang’e, send Jade to buy 10 Items in a single match.


New content being added:

  • Griffindwarf Fafnir
  • Adanas Announcer Pack
  • Prize Money Global Emote



As discussed in our Mid-Season Ranked Update (https://www.smitegame.com/mid-season-ranked-update/) we have been closely evaluating aspects of our Ranked system and looking for things we can do to improve the experience for our players.

One of the points discussed was the impact that 3-man parties had on the health of Ranked Matchmaking. After reviewing the data we have gathered, we have found that overall the benefits of a 3-man queue don’t outweigh the negatives. Starting in the 3.16 patch, players will no longer be able to 3-man queue in Ranked Conquest. We are also going to be watching how this change affects Ranked Conquest before we make any changes to Ranked Joust.

  • Removed the ability for Parties of Three to queue for Ranked Conquest.



Phantom provided a powerful effect for individual players but when compared to other relics that could impact your team it felt lacking. We are moving it to be more team oriented by letting it affect allies, giving more choices to teams in which relics they want to bring to a fight.

  • Increased cooldown from 140s → 180s.
  • Now also affects all allies within 35 units.



  • Updated a variety of Relic Descriptions to fix inconsistent wording and unit usage.
  • Fixed an issue where the 500G Potions would appear locked even after level 10.



Divine Ruin
Divine Ruin provided a powerful effect but with the heavy cost of an item slot that would affect your final build. This often left players feeling bad for building what should be a powerful counter item. By increasing the Magical Power provided by this item, players now feel better about counter building on mages.

Increased Magical Power from 50 → 65.
Magi's Blessing
Magi’s Blessing should be a good option for players who want to build to counter heavy Crowd Control teams but its cost is often restrictive for the protection it provided. By reducing the cost of Magi’s Blessing, players should find themselves more likely to build this against the right enemies.

Reduced cost from 2350g → 2150g.
Pythagorem's Piece
Pythagorem’s Piece is a situational item that becomes a powerful choice when your team can make use of the aura. Reducing the cost and shifting more of the power to the aura will better reward players who find these opportunities.

Reduced cost from 2600g → 2400g.
Reduced Magical Power from 70 → 60.
Passive Aura Magical Power increased from 20 → 30.
Passive Aura Magical Lifesteal increased from 10% → 15%.
Spectral Armor
Spectral Armor was often too expensive for Support players to build when compared to items like Breastplate of Valor for cooldown reduction. By reducing the cost, Spectral Armor will have an easier time fitting into Relic oriented build.

Reduced cost from 2100g → 1900g.
Witchblade is meant to be a great tool for slowing down Physical damage dealers but was often not providing enough to be u sed outside of nice scenarios. With an additional 15 Physical Protections, Witchblade will be a more solid anti-physical choice.

Increased Physical Protections from 45 → 60.


Arachne (v2)

Fixed the spiders on Arachne’s web not showing their Mastery color.
Erlang Shen
Pin provides Erlang Shen with a powerful tool in both wave clear and teamfight presence. At 12 seconds, Pin was coming up too often and leaving enemy players feeling disadvantaged through most of the fight. By increasing Pin’s cooldown to 16 seconds, players should have an easier time finding gaps in Erlang Shen’s utility to properly punish him.

Pin: Cooldown increased from 12s → 16s.
Fafnir has certainly grown into his role as a Guardian since his release. As we have seen more and more of what he is capable of, a few things stand out as being a bit too potent. Endless Greed was often providing too much gold and protections making Fafnir more difficult to defeat than most other Guardians. Additionally, Coerce is too powerful of an ability for objective clear, teamfight damage, and self healing for its cooldown time. By reducing the effectiveness of Endless Greed and Coerce, we expect Fafnir to be in a more reasonable spot.

Fixed an issue where Fafnir’s passive glow would persist after death.

Endless Greed: Bonus gold per instance reduced from 4s → 2s.

Coerce: Increased cooldown from 13s → 15s.
Hou Yi
Hou Yu is seeing a power shift this patch to address his performance at the highest end of play while also maintaining his core strengths. Mark of the Golden Crow was often putting a timer on the game, that when reached, allowed Hou Yi to become very difficult to box. We have removed the 25% penetration and reduced the duration of the mark to reduce some of this power, while also opening up a window where Mark would be down allowing for counterplay. To adjust for this change, Ricochet is seeing an increase to its base damage and scaling, allowing it to be more potent when not paired with his Mark. We have also adjusted the bonus damage per Ricochet so that it should closely match its current strength across a variety of Physical Power. We will watch these changes closely to see how it affects both his pro level performance as well as his general usability.

Base damage increased from 70/110/150/190/230 → 75/120/165/210/255.
Scaling increased from 60% → 65%.
Bonus damage per ricochet decreased from 50% → 40%.

Mark of the Golden Bow:
Removed the bonus 25% penetration provided at Rank 5.
This ability now reveals all marked targets at all Ranks.
Duration reduced from 15s → 10s.

Fixed an issue where Trophy Hunter’s basic attack swing FX were displaying incorrectly.
Odin Icon

Fixed an issue where Legendary Odin was showing the wrong spears on his Ultimate.
Sylvanus is a powerful pick when it comes to team utility, but without the ability to apply constant pressure, he has been overshadowed by other Guardian pics. We are looking to increase some of his utility and potency with these changes.

Verdant Growth: Increased damage from 80/100/120/140/160 → 80/120/160/200/240.

Wisps: Increased protections given from 5/10/15/20/25 → 10/15/20/25/30.

Nature’s Grasp: Reduced cooldown from 22/21/20/19/18s → 20/19/18/17/16s.

Fixed the “I Like to Juggle” achievement to now require juggling three gods instead of 3 enemies.


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