Free God Rotation – 11/10/15

Every week sees a rotation of five Gods that players can play for free. Here are this week’s.
Hou Yi

Hou Yi, Defender of Earth (Chinese)

Armed with the power of the red ravens he smote, sending light and fire against those that threaten the world, be it monster or beast, dragon or sun, man or God, Hou Yi is the Defender of the Earth.
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Mercury, Messenger of the Gods (Roman)

Mercurial. A word that evokes volatility, quickness, and cunning. But to compare anything to the speed and wit of the Messenger God Mercury would be to compare a hot day to the searing forge of Vulcan, or a blooming rose to the glory of Venus.
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Ares, God of War (Greek)

Feared by his enemies, reviled by his father, adored by the Goddess of Beauty, and worshipped by warriors, Ares, a tortured and lonely soul, is the bloodthirsty Greek God of War.
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Anubis (NEW)

Anubis, God of the Dead (Egyptian)

Jackal-headed Anubis holds the ultimate judgment over the dead, measuring every heart against the weight of Truth.
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Chaac, God of Rain (Mayan)

Without rain, this world would be barren and all living things would turn to dust. Thus is the power of Chaac, God of Rain. But, like all great power, it did not come without cost.
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