Free God Rotation – 09/08/15

Every week sees a rotation of five Gods that players can play for free. Here are this week’s.

Apollo, God of Music (Greek)

There are none without admiration for Apollo, God of Music. He is brash, cavalier, and dauntless, with the power to bring hope to the hopeless and change the course of battle with a single arrow. Voices of soldiers, mothers, kings and emperors, even Gods rise in glorious melody in honor of him; and he, basking in their adoration, shines victoriously. Bellona Weapon

Agni, God of Fire (Hindu)

There are few elements as destructive or as purifying as fire. Agni, God of Fire, is the embodiment of both of these qualities, with a head for each.
Bellona Weapon

Bacchus, God of Wine (Roman)

Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow you may die. None adhere more vigorously to this creed than Bacchus, the Roman God of Wine, lewd behavior, and madness.
Bellona Weapon

Chaac, God of Rain (Mayan)

Rain is life. Showers from above soak the earth, feeding seeds which grow into precious fruits and grains. Without rain, this world would be barren and all living things would turn to dust. Thus is the power of Chaac, God of Rain.
Bellona Weapon
Hun Batz

Hun Batz, Howler Monkey God (Mayan)

A grudge, like any wound, left untended will fester. Hun Batz is known for his mischief and ‘wise’ sayings.


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