Free God Rotation – 12/01/15

Every week sees a rotation of five Gods that players can play for free. Here are this week’s.

Agni, God of Fire (Hindu)

There are few elements as destructive or as purifying as fire. Agni, God of Fire, is the embodiment of both of these qualities, with a head for each.
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Kali, Goddess of Destruction (Hindu)

To speak of Kali is to speak of the beginning of time itself.

Across the majestic lands of Hindustan rose an army of demons that conquered the countryside and slaughtered the people. Yet, when the Gods themselves were defeated, Devi, the supreme Goddess, emerged to throw back this host and protect the faithful.
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Xing Tian

Xing Tian, the Relentless (Chinese)

For Xing Tian there is no defeat; there is no death. As long as there is a battle to be fought he will never surrender. And he will never die.
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Xbalanque, Hidden Jaguar Sun (Mayan)

Xbalanque was born with vengeance in his heart and was immortalized as the moon, lighting the night for clever hunters everywhere.
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Ravana, the Demon King of Lanka (Hindu)

Pride scraping like a knee on stone, Ravana rallies his monstrous siblings, his conquered allies, and his formidable army to answer Rama’s taunt. And their rivalry will shake the world.
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